Before flashlights were invented, people used torches and candles as early sources of light. They were later replaced with lanterns. After electricity was harnessed in the 19th century to create light, the modern battery powered flashlight was formed in 1898 by Joshua Lionel Cowen. He was the original owner of the American Eveready Battery Company.

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Top 25 Flashlight companies List

Today, there are lots of types and sizes of flashlight being offered on the market. These are made by different brands from one corner of the world to another. In this article, we will look at some of the best brands in the world today. They have some of the best flashlights that can be relied on in different situations. The brands are as follows:


When it comes to LED illumination, Fenix is one of the leading brands. Fenix creates flashlights with military grade specs, lightweight, and very bright. One of the common slogans associated with Fenix lighting is, “Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket.” Finex is a brand from China and its name has a wide range of meanings. Fenix or Phoenix can mean a number of things such as perfect thing, blessedness, perfection, or even lucky. All of these meanings are derived from traditional Chinese. The brand creates flashlight for every person. This includes outdoor enthusiast, law enforcers, military enforcers, and for general use.


Started as Newport Corporation in 1969, the SureFire, LLC has grown over the years to become what it is today. The firm started by working on the industrial applications of laser. And after the development of the first laser sight, the Laser Products Corporation was spun out into its own firm in 1979, creating laser sights for police departments until it became SureFire, LLC in the year 2000. Currently, SureFire is one top flashlight brands specializing in tactical lights and mountable weapon lights. These are highly preferred by law enforcers, military personnel, and emergency personnel. The brand has more than 100 models which can be used for different needs and in different scenarios.


Based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, the Streamlight, Inc. was founded in 1973. Similar to a good number of brands on this list, the brand creates flashlights that are usually utilized by emergency responders, law enforcers, police, and military personnel. Also, they have products that can be used for casual works such as mechanical and automotive work. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or a sportsmanship, you are as well covered. The brand provides more than 900 different flashlight models to clients. They also have one of the best customer care support as they respond to customer queries.


NiteCore started as an OEM/ODM in the year 2001. It originally manufactured products and parts to specification for other firms to sell. But after gaining years of experience, NiteCore started creating high performance LED flashlights of their own in 2007. At the moment, NiteCore boasts of more than 600 models, all of which are created with accuracy and ease of use in mind. As technology advances, so do NiteCore flashlights. They are always on top of their game by providing the best. Actually, a good number of NiteCore flashlights come with the latest technology such as new advancement in LED and in other features. This makes this brand to be one of the best in terms of efficiency and reliability.


Klarus offers one of the most exciting and innovative LED flashlights on the market. The flashlights created have a high output Lumens and are sturdily built. These make them to be ideal for tactical, professional, and general use. For this reason, you will find many law enforcers, military personnel, emergency responders, and outdoor lovers using Klarus flashlights. Also, they have flashlight models that can be used by cyclists, mountain climbers, campers, and even anglers. Klarus flashlights have some of the most unique features and are effective in performance.


Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1919, Coast is a brand that has continued to grow and expand in different areas. Coast started by creating a fillet knife for gutting and cleaning of fish. But as of today, the brand boasts of a wide range of products such as LED headlamps, LED flashlights, emergency area lamps, knives, and multitools. All products from the Coast brand are very easy to use, safe, and come with a lifetime warranty. Hence, clients are assured of support and reliable products when they buy from Coast Products.


Maglite is one of the most sought after flashlight brands in the USA and the entire world. Flashlight products and flashlight from Maglite are some of the most durable and reliable on the market. Since 1979, Maglite, has been creating high quality and powerful flashlights for different groups of people such as the military, police, outdoor enthusiasts, and for general use, for more than 38 years now. Maglite is a USA company that meets all the needed standards and their products are very durable and can be relied on to deliver. The brand uses the latest technology in the creation of its flashlights and that’s why it is one of the best flashlight brands on the market.


Olight as a brand believes that no person should be left in the dark. For this reason, they have come up with a wide range of flashlights that suits the needs of different users. Olight flashlights emphasize on the level of brightness, ergonomic, runtime, size, and weight of the flashlight. Actually, they have come up with flashlights that are small but with the right features and at a great price. Also, the brand offers 5 year limited warranty on its products. Olight flashlights are ideal for outdoorsmen, sportsmen, and for general use.


ThruNite is a dream come true for one Mr. David Chen. In 2009, the ThruNite company was founded by its CEO David Chen, in South China. Mr. David dropped out to chase his dream and met all sorts of shortcomings on the way. But he was resilient and became successful in the creation of LED products. The name ThruNite means “Through Night”. ThruNite has a motto that which is, guiding you through the night. The ThruNite company became fully operational on August 6th, 2009. Today, the brand from South China is one of the most promising and has a number of flashlight models to offer.


If you are a law enforcer, military personnel, outdoor enthusiast, or a rescue responder, the EagleTac brand is a great brand to consider buying from. EagleTac is a US based brand found in  Washington. The company creates flashlights that are powerful, bright, and extremely reliable. In addition, the brand provides a full 24 month warranty and a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers only labor costs, but not parts after a period of one year. The flashlights produced come in different sizes for use in different scenarios.


With its headquarters in Irving, Texas, United States of America, ZebraLight is a reliable brand with quality flashlights. The brand manufactures its flashlights from the USA and China. As a matter of fact, Zebralight provides flashlights with a unique user interface that enables the user to switch quickly between the three major light levels which are high, low, and medium. The brand has numerous light models to select from. Hunters, fishers, hikers, campers, bicycle riders, and joggers are all taken care of by simply choosing a light model that meets their needs.


This is an Atlanta based firm and one of the latest flashlight brands in the market. Before Foursevens became an independent company, it was an online store selling other flashlight brands. After seeing the queries that people had about different flashlights, Foursevens decided to create flashlights that aired out those issues. This led to the formation of Foursevens which was later separated from the store to become an independent brand. Foursevens flashlights are created in China and the brand has close links with Olight.


This is another top rated brand in the world of flashlights. UltraFire is a brand that is known for its powerful and durable constructed flashlights. The brand has offices around the world in countries such as Spain, USA, and China. The flashlights are constructed in Shenzen, China, where the UltraFire factory is based. The different flashlight models offered by UltraFire are ideal for police, law enforcers, outdoor enthusiasts, and for general use. UltraFire as well offers an original product warranty, one year quality warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee on all of its products. Such attributes make it to be one of the best flashlight brands.


Some of the most versatile and reliable flashlights on the market can be found from the Pelican brand. Founded in 1976 by Dave Parker and his Wife in California, Pelican has developed a lot. The company boasts of a wide range of products such as advanced portable lighting systems, high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, and rugged gear for professionals as well as outdoor lovers. The products built by Pelican are long lasting and very reliable. Their flashlights are used by different people such as police, law enforcers, divers, construction workers, hunters, and or general use.


For more than 55 years, Dorcy has been offering clients with different types of flashlights and lighting products. They have specialized in coming up with high-quality materials and proprietary technology to form the brightest flashlights on the market. Some of the products offered by Dorcy include LED flashlights, LED headlights, camping lights and many other lighting products. Their products are sturdily made, powerful, bright, and have some of the latest LED technology. They are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcers and for home or general use.


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Sunwayman is the most suitable brand for you. Sunwayman focuses on creating compact flashlight for everyday use. Its flashlights have an easy to use output control system and on top of that, an excellent feel and design. All Sunwayman products have a wonderful throw range and spread, a perfect beam pattern, and last but not least, a high illumination output. The beautiful flashlights made by this brand come with the latest technology and that’s why they are one of the brightest on the market.


Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Energizer is one of the world’s biggest manufacturer’s of portable flashlights, primary batteries, and lanterns. Actually, energizer batteries can almost be found anywhere around the world. The Energizer brand played a huge part in the creation of flashlights. Today, the brand supplies its own flashlights which are sturdily built, very powerful, bright, and have a long runtime. In addition, their flashlights defy bad weather and are safe to use. If you are a hunter, camper, angler, emergency responder or even a security officer, you can acquire a flashlight from energizer as they are some of the best.


Located in Dongcheng, Yangdong, Guangdong, China, Nextorch is a dedicated brand that aspires to offer clients with professional portable lighting products. They have specialized in making outstanding flashlights and lighting products for law enforcers, outdoor enthusiasts, and hunters. When creating their products, the firm sits down with its staff as well as clients so that they are able to create products that meet the needs of users. That’s why they have some of the best flashlight designs with the best technologies.


Mecarmy brand focuses on creating an all-in-one flashlight. The brand has several flashlight models on the market and they function exceptionally. This is a great flashlight brand for everyday carry and outdoor lovers. The flashlights that they create are lightweight, durable, and feature packed. They can survive different weather conditions and their prices are a bit favorable. Another common feature associated with Mecarmy LED flashlights is that they are very bright and comprise of some of the latest LED technologies.

J5 Tactical

With its headquarters in Utah, J5 tactical is a US based brand with some of the best tactical flashlights. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, law enforcer, military personnel or police, there is a high chance that you have used a J5 tactical light before. J5 tactical flashlights are some of the most durable and can be found all over the world. This brand is known for its quality and sturdily made flashlights. J5 tactical flashlight models are able to function well in adverse weather conditions as they are built for tactical use.


Shenzhen JETBeam electronic technology company was founded in the year 2004 with the sole purpose of manufacturing LED lighting tools. From then to date, the brand boasts of a wide range of lighting products with two major brands which are JETBeam and NITEYE. JETBeam brand offers some of the brightest flashlights that as well cover a very wide area. Flashlights offered by this brand are great for general use, hunting, camping, hiking, emergency responders, and for general use.


Another notable brand worth mentioning is the Xtar flashlight brand. This brand was started in 2005 with the aim of creating high quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers, and LED flashlights. Today, the brand boasts of a wide range of products which can be found across the globe. The brand is based in Shenzhen, China, where its products are manufactured. They offer high quality, powerful, and reliable lighting product. This is the reason why they are considered to be among the best flashlight brands.


This is another reliable brand with very bright flashlights. Also, the brand some of the best designed flashlights with unique features. Flashlight from this brand can be used by outdoor lovers, law enforcers, sports people, and hunters. This brand was actually discovered in 2008, by one Mr. Tiger and his friends who were outdoor lovers. Lumintop flashlights are common in the USA and Europe.


If you are looking for a brand with all sorts of flashlights such as UV lights, keychain lights, IR lights, tactical lights, rechargeable flashlights, pistol light, etc… then look no further than Powertac. This is a brand that has committed to offering all sorts of lighting to different users. Flashlights made by this brand are reliable and that’s why it is one of the best brands.


Before Solarforce started selling under its name, it used to trade its lighting products under Fulidat electronics limited. But from 2007, Solarforce was successfully registered and sells different types of LED flashlights and their accessories. Their flashlight are durable as they are made from either aluminum or steel. They are also powerful, bright and weather resistant.

Flashlights have become essential tools that every person and household ought to have. When buying a flashlight, you should ensure that it meets your needs and it should be reliable. If you have no idea where to get a quality flashlight from, you can select from one of the brands that we’ve listed above. Hope you’ve found this article to be of great importance.

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  1. I am looking for someone that is interested in making a custom battery powered flashlight that attaches to the nozzle end of a wash wand.
    This will be very useful to wash in no light or low lighting conditions.
    Inside tanks or vessels, under truck and trailer and every other time I pick up a wash wand.

  2. Looking for the manufacturer (vendor) who made the great flashlight for
    Frontgate. It used 4 C124 battery’s and head had 3 leds..
    Brightest longest range beam. Flashlight was also built as tactical..
    Help if any one knows

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