How to Use A Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense?

If you like partying and coming home late, then you are better off with a tactical flashlight. This doesn’t mean that a tactical flashlight should be for party lovers alone – Campers, security personnel, drivers and any other person can always have a tactical flashlight which can act as a defensive weapon in the hour of need.

Unlike normal flashlights, tactical or military grade lights are specifically built for defensive reasons. The flashlights are created from military grade aluminum which is a long lasting and durable metal. They are also normally small in size but very powerful. They use LED bulbs which have a longer lifespan and a good number of them are waterproof and shock resistant.

When out there in the wild or in the dark, you don’t know when you will be attacked.  Hence, carrying a military torch can save the day. There are various ways through which this light can be utilized to help you safeguard yourself from an attacker or other dangers out there.  Below are some of the ways that a military flashlight can be used for self defense.

Identify threats

This is the first and common use of the flashlight. Walking in the dark or dim place can be dangerous as you don’t know what to expect in front of you. But with such a powerful and bright light emitted by a military flashlight, this can easily identify an assailant or thief hide in the dark. The flashlights are normally bright and when their light lands on the unsuspecting thug, they will take off immediately or make you be aware of the danger lacking in front of you. Ensure that the tactical flashlight you’ve is bright enough. Tactical pen another option for self defense.

Temporarily blind assailants

The second way to use the tactical flashlight for self defense is by blindfolding your enemy. If you have ever tried to shine bright light to a person’s face or your face, then you know the impact it can have on you. Actually, it makes a person lose focus for around 4 seconds. So, if you encounter an assailant face to face, disorient them by shining the bright tactical light in their face. Afterwards, you can decide to hit them or run away before they gain focus. The moment you light the bright light on the enemies face, they will hold their face with their hands and this is the time to act. Always make a quick decision before they regain their vision.

Improvised weapon

Military flashlights are normally built for survival. They have a hard body made from military grade aluminum and they normally come with a strong bezel. This bezel can be serrated or toothed. It is meant for crashing or breaking glass in case one is in danger. But also, this hard bezel can be used as a tactical weapon to hit the assailant during an attack. After disorienting them, one can use this bezel to hit the attacker hard before they regain conscious and run to safety.

Final thoughts

Instead of having an ordinary torch in your car, you can opt for a tactical flashlight which is more sleek, durable and powerful. Also, it easily fits in the pocket and you can have it together with your Swiss knife. Use it whenever you feel there is danger or are being attacked and you won’t be disappointed. You can decide to disorient the person, hit them with the bezel or even identify them early before they do so and take off very first to safety. Using one of these ways can save you from being ruffled up or hit by thugs or even thieves.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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