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Best EDC Flashlights 2019 – Top everyday carry flashlight review

Most people are familiar with the term of “EDC”. In full, EDC means everyday carry. Most of the Manufacturers today concentrates on creating best EDC flashlights which are easy to carry with a lightweight, small size and efficiency in operation. Flashlights have almost become a basic device to carry as we execute our diverse activities. With their roles getting advanced everyday; they can be a savior in our of need. I have explained everything in this best EDC flashlights that you should know.

How to pick the best edc flashlight?

There are several wonderful EDC flashlights in the market currently. Pick out the best with powerful features, and one that can last with you on the tricky situations. It should be durable, small in size so that it doesn’t seem like a luggage and convenient in usage with a powerful beam to cover a wide area. Discussed below are some of the features to look out for in the best EDC flashlight on the market that you can buy. Select a flashlight that perfectly suits your various tasks.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best EDC Flashlights list

ImagesEDC FlashlightsOur RatingMax LumensModesWeightPrice Alert
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceOlight S1 Baton Compact EDC LED Flashlight PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
60051.52 ouncesMedium
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceThruNite TN12 XP-L Cool White EDC LED Flashlight
Read Review
95105053 poundsHigh
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceThorFire PF01 Tactical LED Flashlight Pen EDC Light PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
9010030.32 ouncesLow
Check PriceStreamlight 66121 Stylus Pro Led Pen Light PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
859022.2 poundsLow
Check PriceRevtronic Pocket Flashlight Best Small Compact Pen Flashlights PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
8010512.4 ouncesLow

Our Top Pick Olight S1 Baton Best EDC Flashlight Video Review

Every day carry flashlight flexibility:

If you have to carry a flashlight everyday with you, ensure that it is durable. Durability comes in many forms; it can be its lens, switch or body. All these three parts should be made of a great material so that they are not destructed easily.

The body should be of aircraft aluminum alloy material, while the lens should be toughened a bit and the switch should be of stainless steel material. Also, such heavy materials ensure that the flashlight is impact and water resistant in case it faces adverse conditions.

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Small EDC Flashlights

A great EDC flashlight should be easy to carry around. Therefore, it should be small in size and have a great design that can be easily handheld. In addition, a convenient size will make it easy for you to carry it either in your pocket, purse, or even backpack wherever you go. A flashlight that size looks like a pen, marker, or keychain can be ideal to carry everyday as they are lightweight, can fit anywhere and are very efficient in use.

Brightest EDC flashlights

No matter the size of the flashlight, it should perform outstandingly. The best EDC flashlights have some of the brightest lights despite their size. A good flashlight should produce the desired light in different situations. This is why most EDC flashlights have either 3 or 5 modes light switch. The modes, mostly comprise of high, low, medium, strobe and SOS. These help the user to adjust brightness accordingly for their personal convenience. High modes are for lighting dark places, the medium is mostly applied when you need the light for long hours and the strobe mode is used as a protective measure.

EDC light batteries:

One of the best features to look out for in EDC flashlights is their batteries. First and foremost, ensure that the battery is easily available in your area.

Rechargeable batteries are one of the best as they can be recharged so many times before they become unfit for use. The most commonly used batteries are 18650 Li-ion batteries, CR123A batteries and the AAA batteries.

Top 5 Best EDC flashlight Reviews:

We have listed top 5 best every day carry flashlight considering size, power, price, features etc.

  • Olight s1 baton review – Best compact flashlights (Our Top Pick)

Although, Olight s1 baton flashlight is small in size, it is able to produce 600 lumens of maximum bright light. It uses the Cree XM-L2 LED technology. For ease of operation, it has 3 standard modes which are; 8 lumens, 80 lumens and 600 lumens.
In addition to the 3 standard modes, it has two special modes; this is the 10Hz strobe mode  and the 0.5 lumen moonlight mode. In case of any accidental operation, the recessed silicon switch will help to avoid such cases. The reverse polarity protection helps to prevent wrong battery set up.
Cree XM-L2 LEDCheck Price
The flashlight is also very durable as it is made up of stainless steel.

Olight edc flashlights also have removable stainless steel pocket clip, stainless steel flashlight bezel and a stainless steel binder ring. It as well has a flat tail cap model that has a strong magnet, giving it the ability to put it upside down and apply it as a hands-free operation light.

  • Thrunite tn12 review – EDC LED Flashlights

This best EDC flashlight is compact and reliable for usage making it ideal for police, military, law enforcement, security, hunting, camping and among other crucial purposes. The ThruNite TN 12 flashlight has a maximum output of 1050 Lumens with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It is powered by an 18650 rechargeable battery or alternatively two CR123A batteries. It has a modified UI for additional lumens. Thrunite tn12 has a reverse polarity protection that helps to prevent wrong battery set up.
ThruNite TN 12 flashlightCheck Price
It is also durable as its body is created from aircraft aluminum and has a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating.

Another wonderful feature for this flashlight is its upgraded stainless steel side switch that makes the operation to be more sensitive.

  • Thorfire pf01 review – Edc pocket flashlights

Being a pen and EDC flashlight, the ThorFire PF01 is suitable for several applications and is very convenient to move around with. It uses one powerful Cree XP-E2 (R3) LED bulb and its body is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy shell that makes it to be very durable and withstand adverse conditions.
powerful Cree XP-E2Check Price

The compact and lightweight flashlight can fit easily in your suit pocket, purse, backpack, emergency kit or even nightstand. The flashlight is powered by 1X AAA battery which you have to purchase and has a tactical switch for momentary-on without creating any sound. It also has 3 brightness modes that make operating it to be easy.

It is suitable for operations that need very bright, precision focused lighting such as camping, reading, hunting or fishing.

  • Streamlight stylus pro review – Led penlight flashlights

Led penlight flashlights
With a great design, the streamlight 66121 stylus pro has a super bright beam, high flux, ½ watt LED with a lifespan of more than 30, 000 hours. It as well comprises of a micro optical system which facilitates the optimized output and run time.
Streamlight stylus proCheck Price
This stylus pro have three color: Silver, black and red. Streamlight 66121 stylus pro is a waterproof pen light. It has built with unbreakable polycarbonate lens and has a pocket clip with it.

This light weighs 1.4 ounces only and is powered by 2X AAA batteries. This is such a great and best EDC flashlight to keep with you wherever you travel to.

  • Cheap edc Revtronic flashlights review

The Revtronic pocket flashlight is one of the best EDC flashlight on the market. It is very bright and uses TL1L3 LED technology. It is a high Flux LED with a lifespan of more than 50, 000 hours. Due to its pocket size and stainless steel clip, it is easy to carry around similar to a pen.
Revtronic flashlights reviewCheck Price

It is powered by two AAA batteries. And has a very wide range flood beam which is desirable for up close operations. The flashlight is also durable as its body is built using aluminum alloy.
Revtronic is compact resistant, water resistant, and its LED is nearly unbreakable. It is the best edc flashlight under 20. This Revtronic light can be great for technicians as a result of its light weight and compactness.

Best Small Flashlight Review – Mini Tactical light 2019

Flashlights come in different shapes and sizes. Some are long and heavy and some are short and lightweight. The best small flashlights are compact, portable and bright.

Why buy small flashlights?

Small size is the first reason why you should buy a small flashlight. A big flashlight always presents the challenge of carrying it around; this is not the case with these flashlights. They are more portable since they can easily go in your pocket or backpack and others have a wrist strap that can hang safely from your wrist. However, even among small flashlights size is relative, depending on why you are buying the flashlight, you can find smaller and also the smallest.

Best mini flashlights functionality:

mini flashlightThe mini flashlights are generally easier to operate compared to the larger ones. Most of them are designed to be operated using just one hand. For instance, there are flashlights that are simply operated by twisting the head just a little while others are powered by a slight push at a soft button. The switches are intentionally positioned in places on the flashlight that are easy to access such as mid body or at the tail cap. Some flashlight has two switches, one for selective different modes and another for turning on and off.

The best edc flashlight should provide you with many options so as to improve the consumer experience when using it.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Small Flashlight list

ImagesFlashlight NameOur RatingPrice AlertMax LumensModesWeight
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceOlight S1 Baton EDC LED Flashlight PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
Medium50041.6 ounces
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceBRIGHTEX FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
95Medium6005Not enough
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceOutNowTech LUKEN Rechargeable LED Flashlight PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
90Medium100037 ounces
Check PriceVOLADOR Pen LED Flashlight, Mini CREE LED light PRICE DETAILS
Read Review
Check PriceXtreme Bright Magnetic Telescopic Pocket Light PRICE DETAILS
Read Review

Our Top Pick Olight S1 Baton smallest Flashlight Video Review

Check Price On Amazon

Small flashlight batteries:

The majority of these flashlights works with a single battery, this is because of their sizes. The more the number of batteries required to power a flashlight the bigger the size and the heavier it is.

In addition to that, these flashlights are rechargeable which means the batteries have a long shelf life. They can be charged times while still giving consistent amount of energy. Some of them have inbuilt charging system which means the batteries don’t have to be removed to be charged while others have chargers that charge the batteries externally. A good flashlight must have alternative type of batteries that it is compatible with, in case the recommended type is not available. The types of batteries and their number makes a small flashlight economical to maintain.

Small led flashlights brightness:

Contrary to what most people may think these flashlights though small in size are capable of giving powerful light. The brightness of their light output is determined by the type of LEDs used and the batteries that power them. Size only influences brightness in terms of the number of batteries used. However, the best small flashlight generally find application in areas that don’t require super brightness; they are not like tactical flashlights that may be needed to blind an attacker. These are used occasionally, like when your car breaks down at night or when there is a brief power outage or those type work where need small power. And they still give a decent number of lumens with a throw distance that serves their purpose.
small flashlight

 Waterproof small flashlights zoom and focusing:

Like other flashlight they have multiple modes of operation that suit different situations. They also have powerful lenses which provide zoom options to choose from. You can also adjust focus easily from flood to spot depending on which is suitable for you at that moment. These lenses are well protected by strong bezels. Materials used to construct the flashlights are resistant to shock and abrasions. During production their ability to withstand impact and when dropped at different heights is tested together with depth and length of time they can withstand underwater. This is done to ensure their durability and reasonable warranties are also included in case of damages that sometimes are not foreseen.

Mini Flashlight o-ring, holster etc accessories:

Finally small flashlights always come with fantastic accessories. There always extra O-rings or extra batteries for replacement when the need arises. There are holsters and lanyards that make it easy to carry them around.

Top 5 Best small Flashlight reviews:

The following are examples of some of the best small flashlights.

  • Olight s1 baton the Best mini tactical flashlights (Our top pick)

The Light S1 baton is an ideal small flashlight measuring 61mm long and having a diameter of 21mm. It uses Cree XM-L2 CW LED technology and is powered by one CR123A battery. It gives a maximum light output of 500 lumens and a minimum of 0.5 lumens. Turbo mode has a run time of one and a half hours and the beam range are 110 m long.
CR123A batteryCheck Price
The Olight s1 baton has inbuilt mechanism that protects it from overheating by timing duration of contact with the human body. It also protects it-self from the wrong alignment of batteries through reverse polarity. Looking for the best edc flashlight under 50 then you should check this light. This light also has a powerful magnetic base that allows it to rest with stability on a suitable surface without being held.

It is an everyday carry that is waterproof and impact resistant. The ratings are IPX8 and 1.5m respectively. Accessories include a lanyard, battery case and a holster.

  • OutNowTech 1000 lumen Brightest small flashlights

This is a rechargeable flashlight that uses a single 18650 battery. Its charging system is inbuilt and charging can be done in two ways, either using the mains socket or car chargers which are included in the kit. The battery is charged while inside the torch.
Brightest small flashlights ReviewsCheck Price

The Cree T6 LEDs illuminates 100 lumens and can be powered alternatively by 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are protected from reverse polarity. The body is sturdy, are made of aluminum and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

It has higher brightness levels plus strobe and SOS functions. Its zoom feature is accessed by sliding the head a little. As a small flashlight it comes in at 7 ounces and measuring 6.2 inches with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

  • Brightex Small tactical flashlights review

This Brightex boosts of 600 lumens of bright light. Making use of XML U2 Cree LEDs, it throws its beam a distance of 200m. Using a single hand, you can easily zoom objects to 2000 times in and out of focus using it. It is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that have extended battery life.
Brightex flashlights reviewsCheck Price

It is a tactical flashlight that is capable of blinding and can be swung using one hand for self-defense. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum for durability.

Brightex is one of the best edc flashlight under 30. Its accessories are a holster and a belt clip. Britex is waterproof and has 5 brightness modes.

  • Xtreme bright Small pocket flashlights

The pocket light has a sleek design that resembles an ordinary pen. It weighs 4 ounces only and has a pocket clip that holds it safely in the pocket.
pocket flashlightCheck Price

Its tail parts are magnetic which is good for use as a work light as it can be used to extract bolts and nuts trapped in small spaces.

It also acts as a good headlight for outdoor activities after dark. It is bright enough for a penlight and its chrome color adds to its good appeal and aesthetics.

  • Volador Pen Best led mini flashlights

It comes with Cree XM-G2 R5 LED responsible for 300 lumens of light output. Like the streamlight stylus pro penlight it has a high and a low brightness setting that has different run times, 55 minutes and 240 hours respectively.
Best led mini flashlights ReviewsCheck Price

It is powered by a pair of AAA batteries which are readily available. Being 131.8mm and 24g it is both compact and lightweight. It is careful to resist water using aluminum alloy. It is a new arrival of the mini LED flashlights category.

Fenix PD25 550 Lumen Flashlight  edc

The Fenix PD25 is a compact and lightweight flashlight ideal for everyday carry. It weighs 47-gram without battery and thus not a burden to carry. The flashlight runs on one 16340 rechargeable battery that gives the user enough power to run for 53 hours. If you want a longer runtime, you can use the 3v CR123A lithium battery, which offers 100 hours runtime in low mode. Additionally, the flashlight is very simple to use with the dual tactical tail cap switch.

It uses the powerful Cree XP-L HI V3 LED which is indestructible with a lifespan of 50, 000 hours. Moreover, using this flashlight is safe as it is water-resistant up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and impact resistant up to 1-meter. With peak beam coverage of 130 meters, this flashlight is great for hunting, fishing, hiking, and for other outdoor uses. Slide the flashlight in the pocket when not in use or attach it to your belt.


  • Uses the indestructible Cree XP-L HI V LED
  • It is well-built for longevity
  • It is extremely bright
  • The flashlight is compact and lightweight
  • It is both waterproof and impact-resistant


  • It is not very bright

If you want everyday carry light then the best small flashlight would be your first choice. Every day carry flashlight is very compact, small in size and convenience functionality to use. Above top 5 best edc flashlights would be best choice to buy.


Question: How do I choose the best EDC flashlight?
Answer: A good flashlight is one that meets your needs and budget. If you’re looking for the best EDC flashlight, these are the features that you should look at: the flashlight should be compact and lightweight, it should be durably constructed, be bright, have different light modes, and be able to withstand water and impact. Finally, it should have a warranty and fit within your budget.

Question: My EDC flashlight isn’t as bright as it was when I purchased it?
Answer: Whether the flashlight is new or old, the biggest determinant of its brightness is the battery or type of battery used. New flashlights come with new batteries. So, if the light level of your light is falling, this means that you need to change the old batteries with new ones. Always go for the batteries with the best power and runtime, for instance, the 18650 batteries or CR123A batteries.

Question: What brands should I consider?
Answer: Not all brands out there offer quality flashlights. Some say that they offer outstanding features and only end up disappointing you. Therefore, you should read reviews and choose from the best brands. Here are some of the best brands to consider: Fenix to Surefire, ThruNite, Streamlight, J5 tactical, Maglite, Nitecore, and much more.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best EDC Flashlights. You can comment below for more information.


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