How to Wear a Messenger Bag Properly?

When you walk down the streets of a major city, where different people wear different types of bags including messenger bags, it is clear that not all of them wear the bag correctly. I know there has been a discussing for ages about which is the best bag between messenger bags and backpacks. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. The messenger bag is ideal for people who want to look good, stylish and just carry a few things. On the other hand, the backpack is suitable for carrying heavy loads, traveling long distances and comfort. Thus, a bag a person chooses heavily relies on their priorities.

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But what is the best way to carry a messenger bag? As you board a train or bus, a messenger bag might hit you or swing from one direction to another. Some messenger bag wearers don’t know how to wear these bags and end up hitting things and people on their way. If you want to wear this bag correctly, you can follow our guide as follows:

The major reason for putting on a messenger bag is having to quick access to the item inside the bag by just swinging it to the front and opening it quickly. This is not usually the case with a backpack. The messenger bag was designed to have quick access.

The bag is created to be worn in such a way to maximize comfort and at the same time be easy on your shoulder and back. The bag should be always worn in a way such that you maximize its comfort that it is designed for. A good number of messenger bags are extremely well padded to minimize and in many cases get rid of the pinching and strain.

The bags are built to go over either your right shoulder or left shoulder. To check which shoulder your bag is built for, just inspect the strap and note where the padding is and it should be the side to go over your shoulder.

In order to properly wear the bag, sling the handle on either your right or left shoulder. Singe the messenger bag so that the chest strap goes right across your chest, at the place it appears like it has the most padding and support. This will greatly vary from one person to another, with regard to the length of your torso. A great number of these bags come with a stabilizing under the shoulder strap on one side that keeps your bag from sliding around.

Messenger bags are really convenient and this is one of their advantages over backpacks. In addition, these bags curve easily to your back – which is something a lot of backpacks cannot do. This is because of their design. Even though the messenger bags curve easily, when you fill it with lots of items, then it will not curve as you want it to, but instead it will bring a strain on your bag and shoulder.

Also, this bag can be worn in different positions depending on whether you are going to school, work, vacation, sports and just for fun. If you want to enjoy wearing a messenger bag, the best thing to do is to carry little items so that it doesn’t weigh down the shoulder that the strap is over. Unlike backpacks that distribute weight on the two shoulders, messenger bags exert this weight on one single shoulder and it shouldn’t be used for long trips or things like camping.

After looking at how to wear a messenger bag, you can now grab your stylish bag and wear it the right way without feeling shy. It is as simple as that and you will enjoy wearing it the whole day.

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