Backpack VS Messenger Bag


This is a very interesting and tough subject at the same time. Different people use different bags. It can be for leisure or to carry luggage. But before you select a bag of your choice, you should look at several factors. Hence, before you make a decision on which bag to acquire, here are some interesting facts that a person can look at.

Factors to Consider when choosing a bag


If you are looking for a secure and reliable bag for walking down a busy street or in the middle of pick pockets, then a messenger bag is the best option. This bag can be changed to any direction and when you are in a bus or train, you can easily turn it and rest it on your lap. This is not the case with a backpack.


A tactical backpack is the most comfortable bag that you can carry. It comes with great padding and they are well made. The inside compartments are as well created comfortable and you can be certain that your laptop or camera will be secure in tight places. Messenger bags are not comfortable and don’t offer enough protection for items.

Easy access

The tactical messenger bag can be very easy to access when compared to backpack. This is because they can be worn in front or behind and removing items is really easy. Backpacks have to be removed from the back for one to access items.

Space and volume

If you have lots of items to carry, then a backpack will be the best choice. This is because they are usually large and have various carrying compartments. Also, they distribute the weight making carry heavy items to be easy.

Look and feel

For those looking for a stylish and nice looking bag, messenger bags are the best. They are normally stylish and good looking. Also, some backpacks are good looking and it is  matter of choosing the best design.


Depending on what you want to use the backpack for, you can either choose a messenger bag or backpack. A messenger bag can be ideal for carrying your laptop and college. A backpack is suitable for camping, travelling and hiking.

Pros of Messenger Bags

  • It is more stylish
  • Allows the back to breathe more
  • Ideal for carrying little items such as a laptop and camera
  • Looks smarter
  • It is very easy to access items kept inside
  • You can swing it in front easily
  • Easy to carry

Cons of Messenger Bags

  • Doesn’t carry a lot of things
  • It is less stable when moving
  • It puts weight on one shoulder

Pros of Backpack

  • It is more comfortable
  • Can be used to carry lots of items
  • It is easier to move around with in tight places
  • Used to carry heavy load as it has distributed weight
  • Great for hiking, traveling or for any trip
  • Comes with various compartments that aid in carrying of different stuffs

Cons of Backpack

  • It can make your back to be sweaty
  • Easy to get at by pickpockets
  • Not easy to access
  • Can be heavier on your back and weigh you down


Choosing a backpack or messenger bag heavily depends on what the person wants to use the bag for. Backpacks are ideal for carrying heavy loads, various items, for long trips and camping. On the other hand, messenger bags are suitable for lights items, moving in business areas and moving in places that have pick pockets. There are other factors to consider such as comfort and ease of access of items.

Before you pick a bag of your choice, always ensure that it suits your needs.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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