Travel Checklist: Massive 113 List that you should check

The festive season is just around the corner. This means more vacations and travel to destinations of choice. After working your ass off the whole year, you need to relax and visit a place that will provide you with relaxation and comfort. Being away from your normal surrounding will make you feel energized and ready for a new year.

Any trip that you undertake needs to be properly planned for it to be a success. This post has all the important tips you require to know in order to make your travel to be a success. Follow our travel checklist to have a well planned and fun vacation.

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The Complete Travel Checklist

When you travel without preparing a checklist, you may end up forgetting one or two things. Imagine being called by your newspaper guy while you are on your trip? This can be really disgusting as you could’ve wasted the guy’s time. Also, you may end up paying for the newspaper even without reading it.  Here is our ultimate travel checklist!

Be informed

As you start planning your trip, you need to be informed about all the requirements and things that you will need. Different countries have different entry requirements and norms to follow. Laws in the US may be a bit different from the laws of Australia or Singapore. Know the customs of your destination, weather, and plan for a crisis scenario in advance. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in a foreign nation.

  1. Destination data – the first thing you should know about is the place that you are going to visit. This includes laws, customs, medical care and road safety. All these will help you have a smooth running as you travel.
  2. Weather condition – also, you should research and find out how the weather in your designated area of travel is. This info can be used to help you carry the right clothing to keep you safe from adverse weather conditions.
  3. Plan for crisis – although this sounds bad, having an evacuation plan is important. You may need an evacuation from that area in case of a crisis. Have your own plans instead of relying on the government.

Select your main luggage

The first thing that comes to your mind when you plan on traveling is how you will carry your luggage. The luggage that you acquire should be versatile, large and lightweight. This way, you will easily carry all your essentials. With so many bags on the market, ensure you buy a quality one with a warranty. You don’t want to travel with a bag that has a spoiled zipper, broken hand or wheel. Check for online recommendations and pick a quality bag from a re-known brand.

  1. Rolling luggage –if you are going to travel in a city with paved ways, then, there is no need to carry your entire luggage on the back. A bag with wheels will make your trip to be easy and fast.
  2. Wheeled backpack – traveling from one area to another can be cumbersome. Thus, having a bag with the option of rolling it is a great idea.
  3. 4-wheels – traveling for many days means carrying lots of items. Get a big bag with 4 wheels which will make your movement to be easier. This way, a lot of weight will be reduced and have a smooth time.
  4. Travel backpack – having a travel bag can help you keep a few valuables. Also, it will ease some of the loads in your big backpack.
  5. Duffel bag – duffel bags are great and stylish. Also, they are durable, lightweight and simple. If you have a few things to carry, you can use such a bag.
  6. Carry-on bag – if possible, always travel with a carry-on bag. This is because they are very easy to keep and checking them at the airport or at other high-security places is easy and fast.

Organize your particulars

In case you have lots of things to carry, then you will have to properly organize your clothes and particulars in the backpack and luggage. To keep your items organized is really challenging. Thus, you may require using cubes and compressors. These will ensure that not only are your clothes and particulars well kept but as well little space will be utilized giving you more room to keep other stuff. Things like jackets and sweaters should be compressed as they tend to take up a lot of space.

You will have to pack different clothes for different weather conditions to the destination that you are heading to. Consider packing clothes for both cold and hot weather.

  1. Shirts, polos, and tops – it is a great idea to carry some clothes that you will need on your trip. Carry a few shirts if you are a guy or a top if you are a lady.
  2. Dresses, skirts
  3. Jeans, trousers, shorts – if you are going to a cold area, some jeans and trousers will be suitable for you. But if you are going to a hot area, then carry some shorts.
  4. Jackets, coats, raincoats – if it’s raining in the area that you’re heading to, you should gather a jacket and a raincoat to protect you from the cold weather.
  5. Underwear
  6. Belts, ties – a good belt should be able to conceal money.
  7. Socks
  8. Shoes, sneakers
  9. Sleepwear or pajamas – carry some sleepwear to put on as you take a nap in your new destination.
  10. Sunglasses – pack some sunglasses in your personal bag. These will protect you from the harsh UV rays. You don’t want to damage your eyes.
  11. Slippers – many people might forget to carry these but it is very important. Buy slippers from a store or carry the ones you already have.
  12. Hats – a hat can be worn together with glasses if one is traveling to an area that is hot and dusty. Keep your hair away from dust by putting on a hat.
  13. Gloves
  14. Scarf – it is ideal for a cold weather, together with gloves. It will keep you warm.

Pack your toiletry bag

For individuals who want to have a separate toiletry bag, they should keep it lightweight and simple. Toiletries are very important and having them handy as you travel is a great idea. This way, you won’t have to disorganize the whole bag just to get them. Since you might need the toiletries before you reach your destination, placing them in their own bag will save you time and provide you an ample time to get them. The bag should be TSA compliant and it can be used to carry things like creams, liquids, paste, and gels. The liquids should be in a container of 3.4 ounces or less. In addition, they may be in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag.

  1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss – pack all the toiletries that you need. Ensure that you brush your teeth as normal by carrying these four items.
  2. Deodorant
  3. Comb, brush – even if you travel away from home, there is no reason to leave your hair shaggy and unattended to. Carry a comb to disentangle your hair.
  4. Shampoo and conditioner – take care of your hair by preventing it from all the dust and other dirt through the use of shampoo and hair conditioner.
  5. Lotion – keep your skin moisturized and soothing by applying lotion after taking a bath.
  6. Personal hygiene products – carry on with your personal hygiene even while away such as washing your hands, and cleaning your teeth
  7. Sunscreen and face lotion – if the place you’re visiting is hot, you should carry sunscreen with you. This will help to prevent your skin from UV rays or sunburn.
  8. Makeup, makeup remover
  9. Lip balm
  10. Soap
  11. Facial Tissues
  12. Personal mini mirror
  13. Clothing care kit – carry a clothing care kit so that you can sew or repair your clothes in case they get torn while you are in a remote area.
  14. Nail clippers
  15. Towel – a towel will be nice to dry yourself after taking a shower
  16. Feminine hygiene
  17. Shaving supplies – you will need to trim your beards and hair. Also, shaving your private areas is crucial as you shouldn’t leave them unattended to.

Travel health

This is a very important subject when you plan on traveling. Actually, the moment you make up your mind to travel overseas, get in touch with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s site for comprehensive travel vaccines, medicines, and travel advice info. You can decide whether to get vaccinated or not. If you make up your mind about getting vaccinated, you will have to do it two months before traveling. So, get the necessary inquiries and make plans in advance.

  1. Personal prescriptions – if you have been taking medicine, it is important to carry the personal prescriptions with you. Talk to your doctor to give you enough medicine for the period that you will be away.
  2. First aid kit – this is mandatory. Since you don’t know what you will face as you travel, you should have a first aid kit that might attend to you in case of any mishap.
  3. Multivitamins
  4. Insect repellent – visiting places like forests, woods, and other wild areas needs one to be on the watch out. These places have dangerous animals and insects. To prevent bug bites which are common, ensure that you pack an insect repellent to deter them away.
  5. Allergy medicines
  6. Sunburn relief – when going out to beaches during summer, it is important that you apply for sunburn relief on your skin after spending the day in the sun. This can reduce the pain.
  7. Medicines and vaccinations – get the necessary vaccinations before leaving the country. This will help to keep you away from dangerous diseases and maintain good health.
  8. Antibacterial ointment
  9. Pain and fever relievers – headaches and stomach aches are very common. Packing pain relievers is a wonderful thing to do.
  10. Laxative medicines
  11. Thermometer
  12. Motion sickness pills
  13. Sleeping medicines – getting sleep in a new area to which you are not used can be at times difficult. Have sleeping pills with you so that you can take them when you fail to get sleep.
  14. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes – whether you are at home or away, keep your hands away from germs by having a hand sanitizer to get rid of germs and bacteria that can cause diseases to you.
  15. Eye drops

Get insured

The last thing that you don’t want is falling sick while you’re in a foreign country. To avoid such situations, you need to get the necessary health insurance to cover you while you’re away. Also, you can take a step further to ensure that you are covered up in case any crisis occurs. Since there may be unexpected expenses, checking whether your insurance or credit firm covers them is vital for your own safety.

  1. Health insurance – there are different kinds of insurance that a person can undertake. These include travel and health. Check with your health insurance firm and see if they can cover you while you’re abroad or provide you with a reference.
  2. Unplanned expenses – different travel costs can add up. So, it is vital to have additional insurance to cover up. Your things could get lost, the flight might be canceled, or even there may be a delay in flight. These are some of the costs that might accrue.

Prepare your private item carry-on bag

After getting all your items in the main luggage, the next thing that you will need is a private carry-on bag. Having items that you will require on the flight is crucial. Packing some clothes to change and other particulars in your carry bag is a wonderful idea. You can include some toiletries, cards and a cellphone.  When traveling to various destinations, you can easily lose your luggage and if you have a personal bag with you, it can help a lot. Include some snacks to eat and a water bottle in the private bag.

  1. Travel journal and pen – memories are worth having. The best way to remember your journey is by carrying a travel journal which can enable you to note down all the places you visit and things that you do.
  2. Water bottle – some places may lack fresh water and having a water bottle will offer you clean water.
  3. Headphones – it is not a good idea to listen to music loudly as you will disturb other passengers on a train or flight. Get headphones that will keep you engaged and listen to music quietly without disturbing the peace of other people.
  4. Mobile phone and charger – a phone will keep you in touch with friends, family, and colleagues even as you travel to a distant place. Ensure you also carry a charger for recharging your phone when the battery dies.
  5. Laptop, iPad
  6. Electrical converters and adapters
  7. Travel pillow, eye mask, blanket – traveling can at times be tiring. This is because you may not get to sleep well due to neck pain or light disturbance. Pack with you a travel pillow, eye mask, and blanket to give you comfort so that you can sleep easily.
  8. Books – if you love reading, carrying some books with you like a novel will be a good idea. This will keep you busy and entertained.
  9. Video camera
  10. Snacks – carry some snacks to eat on your trip. This can be nuts, cakes or even biscuits.
  11. Travel guides – if you have never been to the place that you’re visiting, ensure that you carry a travel guide with you. This will help you know which places are the best to visit as per your preference.
  12. Memory card – this will help you capture as many memories as possible. A memory card is likely to be used in the camera or phone. Ensure it is large enough and a quality one.
  13. Decks of cards and travel games – there are lots of games to choose from. If you are traveling with friends, then carrying games like cards or chase can be a great way to be entertained in your new location.

Gather crucial travel documents, cash, and credit cards

Gather all the important documents that you need and place them in one place. This includes your ID, documents, credit cards, boarding pass, passport, coins and a pen. Having all the vital documents placed in one place will help make sure you have all the things that you require to get from one location to another. Check the ID and other documents, and ensure that they aren’t expired or outdated when you are on your trip. If you are not certain about which documents to carry, we’ve made the list for you as follows:

  1. Personal ID/Student ID card
  2. Passport/visa – before you travel to any destination, you will need to acquire a passport or visa. These are important documents and should be kept very safe before the day of travel. Check the expiry date of passports to ensure that they are still valid.
  3. Cash and credit cards – enquire about the country that you’re visiting. Knowing what payment methods are very efficient there. If possible, you can carry cash and even have it exchanged for local currency.
  4. Health insurance cards
  5. Transportation tickets – before you leave your home, ensure that you have your transportation tickets with you. These will move you from place to place.
  6. Travel insurance info
  7. Reservations and travel plan – traveling is hectic and entails a lot of things. Before you get fully engaged, ensure that you reserve a hotel and places that you intend to visit. Especially, if it is during peak season.
  8. Emergency contacts and vital addresses
  9. Maps and guidebooks
  10. Hotel and tour contact info – get the necessary information about the hotel that you are going to visit and the tour company. Call them in advance before you travel and ensure everything is as planned.

Consider travel security

When traveling to big cities with a huge population, you should be on the lookout for pickpockets. You shouldn’t be certain about the security of an area and being prepared is vital. For you to keep your belongings safe and secure, you need to wear protective clothing and keep your items close to you. If possible, you can stash your important valuables underneath your clothing. Furthermore, you can lock your bag or acquire a more protective bag that pickpockets cannot access easily. Some of the safety travel items to consider having are:

  1. Luggage travel lock – securing your items is key. Ensure that the bag or luggage you have is locked. Pickpockets can easily get away with your items if you don’t keep them away from reach.
  2. Hidden pocket – wear clothes with hidden pockets. This may help you hide cash and other valuables from thugs, also, in case your bag is stolen, you can always have some extra cash with you.
  3. Neck wallet
  4. Concealed all terrain money belt that looks similar to an original belt
  5. Undercover bra stash for credit cards and cash only
  6. Carry a flashlight – you need to be safe everywhere you go. Have a flashlight to illuminate dark places and avoid running into danger unknowingly.
  7. Have reflective clothing

Prepare your house

Depending on how many days that you are going to be away, it is good if you leave your house in order. For instance, if you have newspapers delivered on a daily basis, you should stop this. Also, organize for your pets to be taken care of and empty your fridge. You don’t want to come back to a nasty smell of rotten food and other spoilt items. If you have appliances working, you can switch them off and leave your house in the care of a trustworthy friend or relative.

  1. Plan for the care of pets, plants, and lawn
  2. Notify the post office to hold your email
  3. Pre-pay your bills
  4. Unplug appliances
  5. Stop newspaper delivery
  6. Pre-arrange school absenteeism for kids
  7. The empty refrigerator of products that will expire
  8. Turn off the water heater
  9. Turn off the air conditioner
  10. Close all doors and windows
  11. Switch off the washing machine
  12. Set up a timed light system
  13. Recheck online with the airline before you head to the airport
  14. Keep valuable items in a secure place
  15. Leave the house key and trip plan with a trusted friend
  16. Leave both flight and hotel plans with a close family member

Planned activities

The best part of traveling is having fun and engaging in different activities in the area that you are heading to. For instance, if you are going to a park to see animals, you will need a camera for better views. And if you are going to climb a mountain, carrying trekking poles will make things to be easy for you. Swimmers can carry a swimsuit and hunters a hunting rifle. Make sure that you have the ideal items to assist you in your planned activities.

  1. Swimsuit – you can carry this if you’re going to swim.
  2. Hunting rifle – if the reason for your travel is to hunt deer, then you can carry a hunting rifle and other hunting equipment to help you hunt better.
  3. Daypack – for a nice journey, you need to have a daypack where you can carry a few items with you. Pack the things that you need for the short trips that you take away from the hotel.
  4. Trekking poles – are you visiting Mount Everest or the Alps? Then you will need trekking poles. Having a backpack together with climbing on a steep slope can be risky and tiring. Pack trekking poles that will support you as you climb on a steep area.
  5. Umbrella
  6. Tactical flashlight – a tactical flashlight will be used as a security weapon and also help you light dark places. If you are going for a hike or hunting, you should carry one with you.
  7. Hiking boots – if you intend on traveling to steep places like on hills or on the slopes of mountains, wearing hiking boots is a safe way to visit such areas. These boots can be worn on rugged terrain and are very strong.
  8. Walking shoes
  9. Magazines
  10. Camera – a camera can be used for different activities. This includes hunting, sightseeing, bird watching or even hiking. A camera can capture all the beautiful places you visit and enable you to view them later.


Traveling is all about having fun. To make your trip better, you need to have the right traveling list before your actual trip. Collect every little item that you will need and pack it in advance. Ensure that the particulars you pack are lightweight and not weighing you down. In the places that you visit, you should respect their laws, customs, and beliefs. Travel should be all about relaxing and having a nice time. Use our travel checklist above to prepare for your trip.

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