Top 10 Survival Tips – That Could Save Your Life

No one plans or wishes for a catastrophe to happen. But things are bound to occur and if they do, it is better if you are prepared. There are various survival tips that you should be aware of so that you are not caught on the wrong foot. The more you know the better. Even though it’s hard to prepare for all the calamities that may be awaiting us in the future, it’s good if we know how to tackle some of them.

It can be a natural disaster, collapse of government, or any other terrifying and unbearable situation. When this happens, you should have the right tools and know how to handle the situation. In this post, we have gathered some info that will help you to be prepared for any calamity that may arise in future.

  1. Have a plan

No person knows the day or the hour that a disaster will take place. So, you should have a plan in place in case a certain situation happens. For instance, you should tell your family where to get what tools and what action to take.

  1. Learn how to plant your own food

Many people rely on food from the grocery store. It is vital that you learn how to plant food so that when a calamity takes place, you can plant your own food and be able to survive. If there was a calamity, supplies will run out or getting to the grocery store may be very dangerous. In such a case, growing your own food will save you. Get to know which foods or plants are easy to grow in your area and how to take care of them.

  1. Learn how to store food

Besides knowing how to grow food, you should as well know how to store it. For instance, if you go in the wild for several days, you will need non-perishable food. This should last you for the days that you are going to stay there. You never know if you will find food in the wild or not. So, it’s better if you carry your own food. Clearly label the food and keep it in vacuum seal bags and other food storage containers.

  1. Learn how to start a fire

One of the most important survival skills to learn is how to start a fire. Fire is very essential for survival as it plays a wide range of roles. To begin with, a fire can be used to cook food, keep you warm and from the cold in the wild, chase away wild animals, and to boil water and make it safe for drinking. There are different ways of learning how to make fire and you should know at least three of them.

  1. Remain healthy

When a disaster strikes, one of the things that you wouldn’t want to see is illness or even an injury. An illness is a hideout can spread quickly and you may run out of medical supplies in no time. If such a situation happens, isolate the sick individual from the rest and give them the necessary treatment. Also, learn more about herbal medicines so that you can use them. Keep a first aid kit with you so that you can use it at this moment.

  1. Know more about home remedies

Apart from knowing herbal medicines, you should learn about the different home remedies that can be utilized to cure a sick person. Many foods at home can be combined to provide a cure. All you need is to know what portions and how to combine them.

  1. Keep your home secure

It is not always a good approach to go to a place where you know nothing about. The best thing might be to fully secure your home in case of a disaster. After all, East or West home is best. Protect your home from natural disasters such as floods and other calamities. Have a security system in place and be your neighbors watch.

  1. Understand how to barter

When a catastrophe occurs, you may not need your cash that is stashed in the bank account or under your mattress. You will have to learn how to exchange goods for goods with other people. Items like food, clothing, and medicine will be traded in exchange.

  1. Be ready for bad weather

Adaptation to different kinds of weather and surroundings is key. Learn how you can survive in extreme hot climates like the Kalahari desert or in a very cold environment like Alaska. Also, you should know to build a shelter when you are in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Have a bug-out bag

This is another important thing to note. Always have a bug-out bag ready and fully stocked. Keep all the essential items that you will need for survival in this bag such as a flashlight, swiss knife, compass, extra clothes, tools, first aid kit, non-perishable foods, and many other items.


Knowing how to survive if a calamity happens is crucial. That’s why it’s important to learn different survival skills and share them with friends as well as family.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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