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Top 5 Best Pocket Flashlight reviews 2019

Pocket flashlights are miniature lighting gadgets. They are specifically made to be lighter than the ordinary flashlights. Their sizes can be compared to the size of a pen making them very easy to carry. How to find the best pocket flashlight?

Our Recommended Top 5 Best Pocket Flashlight 2019 list

ImagesPocket Flashlight Our RatingPrice AlertMax LumensModesWeight
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceStreamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Light
Read Review
Low9031.64 ounces
Check PriceBrite Strike EPLI Executive Precision Lighting Instrument
Read Review
100Medium16032.4 ounces
Check PriceFenix PD25 LED Tactical EDC Flashlight
Read Review
95Medium55041.65 ounces
Check PriceEagleTac D25A Clicky Pocket Light
Read Review
95Medium20040.85 ounces
(without battery)
Check PriceOlight EDC(Every Day Carry) Flashlight
Read Review
85High95041.78 ounces

What kind of features should look in the Pocket Flashlights

Size is the most important feature of a pocket flashlight. The dimensions and weight should be as small as possible. This will determine how portable the device will be.

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Lightweight flashlight:

Another feature is less number of batteries. This helps reduce their weight considerably. Apart from that the type of batteries is also something to check for when buying a pocket flashlight. Alkaline batteries are cheap and can be found easily. CR123A are expensive and harder to find although they are economical because of their extended battery life.

Our Top Pick Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen flashlight Video Review

(Update: Now, Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro maximum lumen 90 NOT 65)

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High lumen lights:

The pocket flashlight should give intense light. The number of lumens should be high and adjustable in different modes. It should have the latest LED technology for high performance. Alongside a number of lumens, the amount of run time should be long enough.

Most durable flashlight:

These flashlights are used more frequently compared to the ordinary ones, therefore they ought to be durable. Buyers can determine this by looking at the material used to build them. Different manufacturers use different materials and among the best are aircraft grade aluminum and titanium. Additional features such as water and shock resistance are very desirable.

Simple design:

The design of these devices should also be such that the settings are easy to use. It should be easy to locate the off and on switches. Some flashlights switch themselves on while in the pocket without your knowledge and this leads to a lot of wastage.

Beam distance of light:

Before buying a flashlight, it is advisable to test the quality of its beam. These qualities include the type of beam and beam distance. There are two types of beams that is, flood and spot. The spot beam is effective when you need to focus in a particular area while the flood is for lighting a wider area. The quality flashlights allow you to switch between these two.

Good cheap flashlights:

The average price of these flashlights is around 50 bucks. This is a good price considering the performance and service that these gadgets offer. With a good budget a buyer should be able to find an affordable flashlight that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. The problem with overpricing is that people often complain that the gadgets don’t meet their expectation where as those that are too cheap always under perform in many ways, for example, some produce beams that have shadows.


Finally, buyers should not miss cool accessories and warranty that manufacturers include. Example of accessories is pocket clips which could come in handy for pocket flashlights. Warranties vary from a year to a lifetime depending on manufacturers.

Top 5 Best Pocket Flashlight Reviews:

Apart from looking at the features, it is important to compare the specifications of different pocket flashlights in order to make good choices before purchasing.

  • Brite strike flashlight review – EPLI Precision Lighting Instrument: (Our top pick)

EPLI has one of the best specifications for this kind lights. It has three brightness levels; high and low and a strobe option. These modes have beam intensities of 160, 80 and 160 lumens respectively. The high setting has a run time of 0.5 hours while the low setting is 6 hours and the strobe lasts for 0.75 hours. As the name suggests this gadget has high precision that uses CREE LED technology.
Check Price

It is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries which are readily available and cheap. The Brite strike is initially bought together with the batteries.

EPLI is constructed using aluminum and the body is finished with graphite. This gives it the much desired strength and durability. The design has an executive look and good aesthetics. Like the other pocket flashlight it is small in size and also light. It weighs 0.15 pounds and is 6.4 inches long.

Streamlight stylus pro flashlight:

This Streamlight pro is shaped like a pen and is made of aluminum. There are three ranges of colors black, red and silver to choose from.

The C4 LED technology employed makes the LEDs powerful and long lasting. They can be used for 50,000 hours before they are replaced. In addition to that it has a micro optical system which enhances the beam intensity and its run time. It has a brightness of 65 lumens with a run time of 6.5 hours.
This pen style flashlight is small in size measuring 5.3 inches and weighing 1.6 pounds. It has a cool nylon holster and polycarbonate lens.
Streamlight 66118 reviewCheck Price

It comes with two AAA alkaline batteries that power it and a lifetime limited warranty has been included.

  • Fenix pd25 review – edc pocket flashlights:

This is a tactical pocket flashlight which uses a single 1640 rechargeable LI-Ion battery. It can work with alternative batteries like 3V cr123a lithium batteries.

The Fenix PD25 flashlight is an Everyday carry light with 5 brightness levels, which include strobe option. Its maximum output is 550 lumens and a run time of 1+ hour in the turbo mode. Other modes are high, mid and low with the low modes having a run time of 100 hours when using cr123A batteries. It is powered by CREE XP-L LEDS which has a very long life span. The beam distance is 50 yards.
Fenix pd25 reviewCheck Price

It has two switches, one on the side for navigating through different options for selection and the other tactical switch is located at the base. The impact distance is 1 meter and can stay under water for 30 minutes at a distance of 2m. This best pocket flashlight comes with a number of accessories such as pocket clip, lanyard, Fenix pocket clip plus a cr123a lithium battery.

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  • Eagletac d25a review – 200 lumens flashlight:

It has a brightness intensity of 200 lumens and the LED technology is CREE XM-L2 U3 which makes it one of the powerful light.

Eagle Tac D25A has four modes and a strobe option. The highest setting illuminates 200 lumens for 1 and a half hours while the lowest setting shines 1 lumen for 150 hours. The other brightness levels are 121 lumens for 2.5 hours and 10 lumens for 9 hours.
Eagletac d25a reviewCheck Price

This Eagle Tac D25A is the size of your palm and is made of titanium. It has a length of 84cm and weighs 24g only. It has a pocket clip for easy carrying. The light is powered by easy to find AA battery. The manufacturers have included a battery organizer for users.

  • Olight flashlight review – Jogging Biking Camping Backpacking Night Fishing EDC:

This is arguably the best pocket flashlight on the market currently. It is super bright with the light output of up to 900 lumens that’s why it is called the brightest pocket flashlight. There are other three modes and a strobe mode is also included.

It is waterproof with great durability and a 5 year guarantee. Its body is made of copper, which enhances strength and good aesthetics. It also has a powerful magnetic base which can stick to a suitable surface without falling when the user is carrying out an activity that involves both hands.
olight flashlight reviewCheck Price

This Everyday carry pocket light is accessorized with a clip and a lanyard which makes it very convenient for carrying around. Its light weight is contributed by the fact that it uses a single 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries as an alternative.

Klarus XT11S Rechargeable Flashlight

The Klarus XT11S is the perfect LED flashlight for your outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if it’s hunting, hiking, law enforcing or jogging, this flashlight will always deliver. It is constructed with durable and lightweight aluminum material. The anodized finish makes it be dustproof and it is can be placed underwater up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Turning on the Klarus XT11S is simple as it is created to suit tactical use. In addition, it has 3 operation settings that suit different environments. With a maximum of 1100 Lumens, this light can blind you temporarily and covers a great distance of around 330 meters.

Due to its small size and weight, carrying this flashlight is not a burden at all. It will perfectly fit in your pocket, backpack, or can be attached to your belt. When the battery level is low, just connect the USB charging cable to the charging port which is protected by a rubber covering.
Klarus XT11SCheck Price

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and compact in design
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Simple to use with the dual switch
  • Knurled design provides a firm and comfortable grip
  • Has different carry options like the pocket clip, lanyard, and holster


  • Poor customer service from Klarus
  • The hot spot is extremely hot than other sections

Finally, the powerful pocket flashlight is your companion for all outdoor activities. Whether it is bike riding, hiking or just a night walk select the best pocket flashlight!


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