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Since there are different size backpacks, one should select a size that stores everything that they need on their journey or trip. Acquiring a backpack that carries all the items that you will use or may need is vital. That’s why a backpack that falls between 30L to 40L is considered the standard size for traveling or backpacking. Bags of this size are normally large enough to keep most of your items, but at the same time they are compact. So, if you are undecided on which bag size to choose, then pick a standard backpack.

Campers, hikers, backpackers and other travelers know that it is vital to have some extra space as you may come across a lovely picture, a souvenir or some valuable item that you may be tempted to carry on your way. Therefore, before you select a bag, know the ideal size of the backpack that you want. Below is a guide that may help you make the right choice.

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0 to 20 liters

This is the best backpack size to carry for an individual who is going out for a day hike or something similar. Things to carry in this bag include: a few snacks, gels, two liters of water, tactical torch, hydration pack, lightweight rain shell, and lumbar packs. Normally, it is used to carry light things and easily fits on the back.

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20 to 40 liters

If you plan on going out on a trip for the whole day or overnight, then a 20L to 40L backpack is suitable for you. This size allows you to carry a little bit of the extras and whatever you may need for at least 12 hours to 24 hours. Things to pack in this kind of bag include: a headlamp/torch, rain shell, 2 liters of water or more, space blanket, light insulation layer, hammock, food bag and additional pair of socks or some light clothes. If you have such items, you can spend the whole day or an overnight soundly and well.

40 to 60 liters

Planning to go camping or hiking on a weekend, then this is the right backpack size for you. The volume is enough to have you carry all the items that you might need for two days or even more. All you need is ensuring that you keep it lightweight so that you don’t go through a lot of hardship when carrying items to use on your trip. Things to place in such a backpack include: a water filter, pot for cooking, stove, fuel, pillow, hammock, camp shoes, tactical light, additional clothes, jacket, food bag, sleeping pad and many more.

60 to 80 liters

Carrying a backpack this size implies that you have carried lots of things from your home to the camp. If you plan on spending days in the wild, then this is the best bag to have with you. This is also ideal if you have many heavy items to carry. Besides the items that we’ve highlighted in the above 40L to 60L backpack, one can add food that can sustain a person for 10 days, 3 plus person tent, sleeping bag, cushioned sleeping bag, extra cookware, and many more.


Knowing the exact size of the backpack that you want is important so that you can carry all the things that you need. From hiking, camping, hunting, mountaineering, and for traveling, ensure you have the right size. The most ideal size is between 30L and 40L. But if you intend to carry a few things or spend a day out, a 20L to 30L size bag is great. But if you’re going out for the weekend, a 60L plus bag is the most ideal so that you can carry all the needs that you may need for survival.

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