What is a Tomahawk Used for?

The original Tomahawk was formerly used by the Native American Indians. It was made of a sharp stone attached to a wooden handle. This tool was used for hunting and cutting purposes. Later on, the Europeans introduced a metal blade design which has been improved over the years to come up with the modern tomahawk. Just like a hatchet or other kinds of axes, a tomahawk has several uses. Due to its versatility, a tomahawk can be used in a number of ways which are as follows:

Split wood – the first and common use of a tomahawk is to cut and split wood. If you have firewood that you want to cut into pieces, use a tomahawk. Using a machete to split wood will need a lot of effort and you might end up hurting your hand. A tomahawk is heavier and imposes more force to split the wood better.

Cut trees and branches – camping is fun and even better if you have all the important items with you. You can cut trees in the woods using a tomahawk to setup the tent or a hammock. There are smaller and lighter types of tomahawk to carry with you as you go camping.

Hunting – hunting is really fun. To make this to be a success while out there hunting, you need the right tools and one of them is a tomahawk. This tool can be used to hunt down game meat in the woods before you catch it.

Digging – as you prepare to setup your tent, use a tomahawk to dig some holes before setting up a tent. Also, you can use a tomahawk in the garden to dig and plant a few crops here and there. In such situations, the pointed side of the head of the tomahawk is utilized.

As a defense weapon – if you are attacked and have no any other defensive weapon around you, a tomahawk can act as a defensive weapon. Both the sharp edge and hammer can be used to hit an assailant before you take off to seek for help.

For recreation purposes – many people like to use a tomahawk for recreation purposes. Besides being a recreational tool, some people go to the extent of having competitions based on throwing the tomahawk. The main secret of throwing a tomahawk is to get a perfect rotation. A three or more rotation throw is considered a great feat.


After looking at the different tomahawk uses, it is evident that a tomahawk is a utility tool that can help an outdoor enthusiast in a number of ways. It can be used for cutting trees and wood, creating holes, hunting, and for recreational purposes. Get a quality and durable tomahawk tool to fully benefit from it. With the transformation that the tomahawk tool has undergone, this is a great tool to add to your store arsenal. Apart from the regular uses, the tomahawk can as well be used as a weapon for self defense in case of an attack.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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