What Is a Red Dot Sight?

If you have played Call of Duty or Battlefield video games, then you definitely know what red dot sights are. Red dot sights help shooters, police, law enforcers, and the military to accurately hit their target. They are used on handguns, shotguns, ARs, crossbars, and on many other devices. In addition, red dot sights are used in cameras and telescopes, too. But with so many red dot sights on the market, it is important that you select a targeting device that meets your needs.

Before we proceed, let’s define what’s a red dot sight? A red dot sight is a normal classification for a kind of non-magnifying reflector sights for firearms and devices that need aiming, which offers the user with an aimpoint in the type of an illuminated red dot. A normal red dot sight utilizes a red light-emitting diode at the focus of collimating optics which creates a dot style illuminated reticle that remains in alignment with the weapon the sight is connected to no matter the position of the eye.

History of red dot sights

In 1974, the red dot sight was discovered in Swedish. A group of Swedish entrepreneurs began researching different ways to better shooting accuracy. They just had one goal in mind – to come up with a sighting technology that would enable shooters to get their target fast and to hit moving targets in different weather and lighting conditions on a consistent and accurate basis.

This technology has greatly changed the hunting and shooting field. Things like birds flying in the air or a flying aero plane can be taken with the help of this technology. Since the invention of this technology, the red dot sight has continued to evolve and now there are several firms that offer it on the market. Red dot signs are usually utilized by hunters, law enforcers, and marksmen.

Instead of using iron sights, you can use red dot sights which are faster, easier to use, and you will at the same time keep your natural view of the target and its environment.

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