Trampoline Safety Rules

It is a joy to see your kids happy as they jump and rebound on the trampoline in the backyard. However, this fun can be short-lived if the proper safety measures are not implemented. Kids are less aware of the risks that surround them and without your protection; they may end up injuring themselves. That’s why we decided to create this article to help you and other fascinating parents out there to take the necessary safety measures in ensuring that the joy of their kids doesn’t turn into sorrow. First, you need to buy a safe trampoline. After that, here are different safety precautions to take.

Make sure that the trampoline is set up at least 3 meters from things like trees, fence or wall. This is because when children jump high, they can go off the trampoline and hit these objects that may end up harming them.

  • Set up the trampoline on a leveled ground

If you use the trampoline on a ground that is not level, this may lead to accidents and damage of the equipment. Ensure that the trampoline is on level ground and very stable.

  • Inspect and ensure that the springs are in position and the bolts are properly tightened

Before allowing the kids or any other person to start jumping on the trampoline, you should examine the bolts and springs and make sure that they are tighten and in place. The trampoline shouldn’t wobble.

  • Set up safety pads to cover the steel frame, springs and hooks

Your kid may land on the steel frame, strings or even hooks if they are left uncovered with a protective pad. Thus, placing a protective padding on the trampoline is a good safety measure that will keep the child safe in case they fall away from the mat.

  • Acquire quality trampoline safety nets to enclose your trampoline

When you have acquired the safety padding on your trampoline, you can go ahead and acquire quality trampoline safety nets so that you can further enclose the trampoline are. This prevents the kids from veering off the trampoline and staying safe.

  • Teach your kids to constantly use the trampoline ladder

To avoid falling or any other mishap during the use of trampolines, you should always encourage your children to use the ladder when climbing or coming down the trampoline.

  • Get rid of all sharp objects from the pocket

Before the kids start using the equipment, ensure that they don’t have any sharp or tiny objects in their pocket. This may harm them as they jump and play.

  • Prevents your children from jumping extremely high

Teach your kids not to jump extremely high. This is because the higher they jump the less control they have on the trampoline. This is very dangerous and you should teach them to jump up to a safe distance.

  • Prevent your kids from performing stunts

Things like somersault, back flip and front flip should be forbidden. You don’t want your kid ending up with a fractured neck or neck in the process.

  • Before using the trampoline ensure that there is no object on the surface

Inspect the trampoline before the kids start using it. Remove all the items that might be on the surface of the trampoline.

  • Inspect the surface of the trampoline and ensure that there is no snow or moisture

When it has rained or during the cold weather, wipe away any snow or moisture before the kids start playing on the trampoline.

  • Let the children have a medical checkup before jumping on the trampoline

Take your kids for a medical checkup before they start jumping on the trampoline. If they have a problem, they shouldn’t use the trampoline at all.

These and many other safety rules can be followed to ensure that your child is safe and secure when using the trampoline.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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