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To become a successful hunter in all the four hunting seasons, you will definitely need the best trail camera. Trail cameras help hunters who use them rightly to catch big bucks all season. Taking timely photos of game will provide you with useful information that will make hunting to be easy. After speaking to several professional hunters and conducting research on how to properly utilize trail cameras, we’ve come up with the following 10 trail camera tips.

10 Trail camera tips and tricks

  • Make the right trail camera setup

This is the first thing to take note of. Ensure that you install the camera in the right place. It should be away from the sun and no weeds or tall grass should be in the way. The movement of such things will make the sensor take a shot and you will end up with blank photos.

  • The Location of the trail camera

The place where you place your camera should be in line with what you want to take pictures of. It can be to scout a buck, doe or fawn. Also, it can be meant to learn the behavior of a particular buck or to watch a food plot. Place it in a place that you think will give you the results that you want.

  • Trail camera settings

When you’re done finding a desirable location and setting up of the trail camera, you need to set the camera to capture what you want. Ensure the memory card is of the right size and put on a mode that you want. It can be to take images, video, time-lapse or hybrid.

  • Baiting with a trail camera

In the spring and summer seasons, salt and mineral licks are extremely attractive to deer. This is because of the high deficiency of sodium forcing them to start craving for this kind of diet. Attract the does, fawns and bucks around the trail camera by scattering minerals and salts around it. You will end up knowing how many deer are in that particular surrounding.

  • Maintain and organize your trail camera

Ensure that you check your trail camera from time-to-time. Low batteries should be changed and the full memory card should be formatted to free up space. Also, organize the photos and videos of the game taken.

  • Scent control

This is one of the common mistakes made by many people. If you leave a human scent behind, this will chase away the deer. Ensure that during the deer season, you keep human scent by spraying it after setting up the camera or using tactical gloves when installing the camera. But, if use a good deer attractant then no need to use human scent.

  • Trail camera density

Another thing that deer hunters forget is the number of cameras needed on the property. If your land is flat with less obstruction, this will be easy as you need many cameras. But if the terrain is not flat, you will need different trail cameras for different sections.

  • Be totally discreet

If you want to have a better chance of knowing where the bucks or fawns feed and spend most the time, you should be very discreet so that they don’t discover you out. Place a camera in a place where whitetails won’t detect you. If they do, they will become smart and you will never have a chance of catching them.

  • Changes in season

One of the things that people forget about is changing the camera to the right place or direction as the season changes. Every deer season differs from each other. This is because the deer change their sleeping, moving and feeding patterns too. Ensure that you place the camera according to the season.

  • Security of your trail camera

People have reported many theft cases in the past. To protect your camera from thieves, you can acquire camouflage trail cameras or lock them up.  Also, put warning signs on your property so that trespassers cannot just move aimlessly on your land.


Beginners as well as experts can use the above trail camera tips to know where the does and fawns reside or how to lay traps and hunt down the big bucks. Even with these tips and tricks, one needs a quality trail camera for better results.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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