Top EDC Items 2019: Must have Essential for Everyone

Each and every one of us has those items that we carry on a daily basis. This might slightly vary depending on whether you are a man or woman, the job you do, and with regard to the activities that you engage in. EDC items carried by a student may be slightly different from those carried by a construction worker. But there are those items that seem like a must-have for most people.

Top EDC Items for Everyone

In this Top EDC Items article, we have chosen some of the must-have EDC items. These will help you in different situations and make sure that you are always prepared. These are as follows:

A flashlight

One of the items that a person should always have on their EDC list is a quality flashlight. Flashlights are very essential in providing light for the user. Ensure that you get a flashlight that uses AA or AAA batteries which are very easy to find and are cheap. For instance, I love the Nitecore MT2A 345 Lumen light. This flashlight uses 2AA batteries and it offers very bright light. Its small size makes keeping it be simple.

A good knife

Another important item to have on your EDC list is a sturdy knife. A knife can come in handy if you are in a survival situation. You can use it to cut ropes or even food. When I go out, I always make sure that I have my Kershaw skyline folded in the pocket. This is a wonderful and strong knife made of steel. It is durable but offered at a great price. If I am not using my Kershaw skyline, I change to the Ontario RAT II, which is another quality EDC knife.

A lighter

A lighter can be used in so many ways. You can use it to start a campfire or for smoking. Depending on the use, you can decide to use a small lighter or big lighter. The BIC lighter is a great item to have as its cheap and small in size.  But for a more stylish lighter, you can get the Zippo windproof lighter.

A cell phone

This is one of the most basic items of the modern world. Almost every person owns a cellp hone and most of the time, they have it in the pocket, purse or hand. A mobile phone can help you keep in touch with your friends far away. It can also be used to track you and take photos of the fascinating places that you visit. Ensure that you carry a spare battery or power bank to keep your phone active. When I go camping, I always carry my Blackberry classic.

A notepad

There is a high that as you go out, you will be required to note down one or two things. That’s why you need a notepad to note down several things. Ensure that you buy a waterproof notepad so that it can be used in all weather conditions.

A Pen

Of course, if you have a notepad, you will need a pen to write down whatever you are thinking or taking note of. Get a quality pen that can function in all conditions. Space pens are some of the best, though they are a bit costly than the normal pens.

A backpack

If you are going on a trip or work, you may need to carry a backpack with you. It is a bit difficult to carry all your EDC items in the pockets as they might weigh you down. Acquire a durable and lightweight backpack with a wide range of compartments. This will help you keep different items in different places.

A watch

This is another overlooked everyday carry item. Mobile phones may as well show the time, but they don’t appeal like a watch does. A watch is more appealing and it doesn’t need to be recharged like a phone. So, having it on your trip is important. Get a watch that not only shows time, but also the date and other features.


Sunglasses are very essential as they can protect you from the scorching light and dirt from getting into your eyes.  When in the wild, there are a lot of flying insects that can accidentally get into your eyes. To prevent this, wear sunglasses.

A Multitool

Even if you have a knife, it may not be enough to serve other uses. A multi-tool like a Swiss knife can be of great help as it has various tools like tweezers, can openers, and scissors that can be used in different situations.

EDC items are meant to help us and make our lives easier if we are in trouble or need to perform some duties. The above everyday carry items will help you tackle many things and assist you in the hour of need. On our list, we have not included a pistol as some states don’t allow carrying them. If your state does, you can go ahead and include it on your EDC list, especially if you are visiting a dangerous place like the woods.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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