Tactical Vest Setup

Security forces and military equip their soldiers and troops with military tactical vests to prevent vital organs and have them prepared for anything out there. Plate carriers incorporate various advanced materials that make them to be user friendly.  They are usually used to keep mags, pistols, grenades, tactical watches and many other tactical items.

To avoid getting oneself in danger while in a combat, you need to setup the tactical vest the right way. Everything should be within reach even without taking a look at it. In this article, we’ve clearly outlined how you should keep all things streamlined in order to be prepared and have a smooth sailing in the line of duty.

Since the vest has limitations on how much it can carry, you will only be required to carry what you need and not everything that you want. So, it’s actually better to keep the plate carrier simple by placing items that are of great importance to your quest. Every item should be arranged in such a way that it can be accessed with much ease.

  • Let front pouch be for mags

One of the fundamental laws of setting up a military tactical vest is that the front pouch should be left for mags. For instance, a modest load of 5.56 rifle mags will be ideal on your front pockets. A good number of rigs can carry a shingle of three magazines. Depending on usage, this number is normally good for a decent combat.

  • Distribute weight evenly

Some people prefer putting more weight on their weaker side so that their stronger side is free. This is not usually the case when wearing a military plate carrier. A plate carrier needs one to distribute weight evenly. This makes it possible for one to access any gear with either hand. For instance, in case you’re shot, you can access the first aid kit with your left or right hand right away.

  • Keep shoulders clean

Keep the areas around your front shoulders free as you can. It should be free of items like emergency flashlight, killer knives and other gears. This is because, at a particular time, you may need to shift hands and block shots from your weak side. In addition, you might be forced to put your rifle butt over your shoulder to start an accurately aimed distance shot. Thus, you should keep the shoulder clean by not placing any gears close to it.

  • Put pistols where you can easily access them

You should always value your offense as much as you value your defense. Place a pistol where drawing it isn’t a problem. It is a good idea if the real estate on the rig slightly above your draw line is not filled up.

  • Put pistol reloads on belt line

Many of the soldiers would want to equip their pistol via a belt holster while others want it at their thighs. In case you’re among the individuals who run a pistol off the tactical vest, then you must keep your reloads within your belt line. For those who want to keep more reloads, you can as well attach a spare on the higher side of your vest.

  • Utilize a hydro bladder

Another great way of setting up your tactical vest is by having a hydro bladder. This can be easily fastened to your carrier’s rear. This add-on can be used to keep items that you don’t normally require quick access to. Such items include: water purification tablets, spare optic batteries and extra pressure dressing.

  • Strategically place a tactical flashlight

Place a tactical light where you can access it easily. This should be below the armpit line or anywhere on your vest where you can reach it easily. Alternatively, you can carry small LED lights that you can easily attach to the belt, pocket or neck chain. A headlamp is also an option.


The way you pack or setup different things on the plate carrier will directly impact how you perform on the field. Ensure that all the gears are well setup on the military tactical vest. People with experience in the military know how to efficiently and effectively setup the vest. But if it’s your first time going into a combat, then you need to prepare it well by following some of our tips above. Don’t make it to be overweight and just add on gears that you need and not what you want.

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Christopher Joseph
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