Tactical Pants VS Cargo Pants


When I was first introduced to cargo pants by a friend, I found them to be annoying but at the same time, I was delighted. I was annoyed because cargo pants make people wonder what you are carrying in different pockets. But my delight was that I would carry things like my cellphone, wallet, multi-tool and edc flashlight in the side pockets.

Cargo pants are great for wearing especially if you are a person who loves traveling a lot. They allow you to stuff several items that you might need while on the plane without opening your luggage. Most of the time, people do confuse cargo pants with tactical or BDU pants. These two have similarities but differ from one another.

The best tactical pants are more suited for survival and in tough conditions, while cargo pants can be worn like any other pant but not to the office. There are different types of cargo and tactical pants on the market and it all depends on your needs. To properly differentiate between the two, here are some factors to look at.

Activity – cargo pants can be seen in some workplaces. Also, they can be worn casually and most of the time they are utilized by EMS students. On the other hand, tactical pants are built for the military, police and other lawmakers. So, they are best suited for wild and tough conditions.

Numbers of pockets – both the cargo pants and tactical pants have several pockets. But the tactical pants have slightly more pockets for storing different items like ammos, and pistol. Cargo pants normally have front, back and side pockets.

Design – these two types of pants also vary in design. Tactical pants are available in camouflage designs while cargo pants are made in dark navy and black colors. Also, the various pockets that tactical pants have to make them look weird while cargo pants have limited pockets.

Material – tactical pants are made with heavy and more durable materials than cargo pants. Actually, some cargo pants are made of nylon which can withstand things like rain. Thus, tactical pants are more durable than cargo pants.

Sizes of pants – most of the cargo pants are available in just a few sizes. Also, they are fitting and not oversize. Tactical pants are usually available in different sizes and most of the pants are loose fitting. From the knees going up, tactical pants are loose while from the knees going down, they are slim to allow being tucked in the tactical boots.

Cost – since tactical pants come with several pockets, have zippers and are made of durable materials, they tend to be more costly than cargo pants. This might vary depending on the brand. Consider looking at brands like 5.11 for both quality cargo and tactical pants.

If you’re an EMS student or just want to wear comfortable and sturdy pants, then the cargo pants are suitable for you. They have a number of pockets where you can keep your EDC items as you travel from one destination to another. Alternatively, the tactical pants are meant for outdoor enthusiasts or the military. These are durably made to withstand the toughness of the wild. Choose pants that fit you and have the number of pockets that will serve your different needs.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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