Pocket Knife Uses

Although they are small in size, a pocket knife is a versatile tool that every person should have with them. Loved by outdoorsmen, pocket knives are very important and can save a person in a number of ways. Pocket knives are usually sturdy and simple for easy storage. Below are 20 different uses of pocket knives:

  1. Opening packages and boxes – the festive season is here, and it just means one thing, gifts and more gifts! When you receive a gift in form of a letter, parcel or package, don’t waste your time or energy trying to open them using your free hands. Instead, a pocket knife can be used to make opening of the box or package to be easy and faster.
  2. First aid – use a pocket knife in offering first aid services. A pocket knife can be utilized to cut the bandage or fashioning tourniquets. Also, it can be used to free a hostage but this is less likely to occur.
  3. Peeling fruit – if you are out on the streets or in the wild, you may want to eat your fruit by peeling off the skin. Use a pocket knife to peel off the skin and cut the fruit as you enjoy it.
  4. Slicing meat – at times, you might be served a big stake in the restaurant which might be challenging to bite. Knives for cutting in the restaurant can sometimes be blunt and having a pocket knife will assist you slice the huge stake into easy to eat stakes.
  5. Offer protection – if you’re a camper or hiker, then you know how important it is to carry a weapon such as a small knife to provide you with protection. This can be from wild animals or assailants.
  6. Cutting your nails – you might find this to be obnoxious but if used well, it works. Learn how to effectively cut your fingernails with a small pocket knife if you don’t have a nail cutter.
  7. Opening a bottle – a pocket knife can be used to open beverage bottles at a party if the opener goes missing. Some pocket knives like Swiss Army comes with a bottle opener.
  8. Cleaning beneath your finger – fingers normally accumulate dirt which in turn make them to be unhygienic and bad to look at. Get a small tactical knife to get rid of this dirt before you go ahead and use the same knife to cut the nails.
  9. Sharpening pencils – a pocket knife can as well be used to sharpen a pencil. If you don’t seem to get your sharpener or razor, you can utilize your knife and sharpen the pencil smoothly.
  10. Removing staples – removing staples with your bare hands can injure or spoil the document itself. For easy and safe removal of the staples, use a pocket knife to do so.
  11. Cutting someone free from a seatbelt – when there is an accident, getting people from a car can be a tricky task. This is because they might be tied to their seats by seatbelts. The seatbelt can be cut using a pocket knife to free and rescue people.
  12. Opening a wine bottle – learn how to use a knife to open a wine bottle. Some pocket knives like the Swiss have a wine opener to help you out.
  13. Making drainage holes – are you a gardener? If so, a pocket knife can help you make holes in bags or even containers if you want to plant various things in them.
  14. Picking food from your teeth – after visiting a restaurant and enjoying your meal, you realize that there is no toothpick. In such a case, if you have a pocket knife like the Swiss knife, you can use one of its features which is similar to a toothpick that will help you remove the stuck pieces of meat in your teeth.
  15. Breaking a window in an emergency – if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can use your pocket knife to break the window and take off before the car blows off or something similar.
  16. Garden tool – use a tactical pocket knife to prune plants in your garden. The plants will grow healthy and yield better.
  17. Filleting fish – pocket knives are small and can easily penetrate into small fish and separate the flesh from bones. Although, fillet knives are better for filleting.
  18. Cutting rope or wire – a rope or wire can be easily cut using a pocket knife.
  19. Splitting firewood – while camping, collecting of firewood might be one of the activities that you engage in. Use a pocket knife to split small wood.
  20. Carrying heavy grocery bags – if you are one of those guys that shop once or twice a week in bulk, then a pocket knife is a tool that you will appreciate so much. All you have to do is to put the grocery bag handle on the knife and carry it without any strain.


Carry your pocket knife wherever you go, as it might turn out to be very vital than you imagined.  Regardless of whether it is hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or just for home use, a pocket life will be useful in many ways. Choose a top quality pocket knife such as Swiss Army pocket knife if you want one that is durable with outstanding features.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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