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Parents normally buy pellet guns or BB guns for their young ones so that they can learn about guns and how to aim at a target. These guns are similar to real guns but are less dangerous. They are great for hunting small animals like squirrels in the woods or shooting at cardboard. Most of the time, people do confuse these guns as being one but they are very different.

If you are new to guns, differentiating these two might prove to be impossible. We’ve created this article so that we can help you and many others know how to differentiate between a pellet gun and BB gun.

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How they function

The pellet gun is also known as an airsoft gun. From a distance, these just look like the real guns and people at times confuse them. It uses pellets which are shot out from the airsoft gun by a force that will vary depending on the type of pellet gun you’re using. There are those powered by gas, while other by manual spring loading. On the other hand, a BB gun is an air-powered gun that shoots round pellets that are created from metal.

Shooting range

When it comes to shooting, BB guns reach a greater distance than Pellet guns. Also, they are faster. But when it comes to a variety to choose from, pellet guns are available in different forms. Though, one thing to note is that the BB guns came on the market first before the pellet guns.

Ideal uses

As similar as they may look, each type of gun has its own use that it is best suited for. Pellet guns are suited for hunting due to their shape and size. This includes hunting small game like squirrels. But, for this you need to buy the best pellet gun for hunting. Also, the visible holes left behind by pellet guns make them great for target practice. For BB guns, these are ideal for practice sessions. More so, one should use them for close range and beginner backyard practice.

Initial price

The price of a pellet or BB gun greatly relies on the type and quality that you choose. There are those that cost less while others are very costly. Usually, BB guns are the cheapest as they tend to have fewer features than Pellet guns. But there are also high-end BB guns that will cost you a lot. So, choose a gun that you think meets your needs and is within your budget.

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This is a very crucial factor to consider when buying either a Pellet or BB gun. Both of these guns can cause serious injuries if not used in the right way. Pellet guns are the most dangerous due to their size and shape. But BB guns are circular in shape and less likely to cause harm. When BB guns are used at a long range, they can turn out to be dangerous as they are faster. Don’t buy these for your kids unless you teach them how to carefully utilize them.

On the contrary, both guns are great for target shooting or for hunting small game. If you are an adult and want a gun that will help you with your shooting skills, then the BB gun is the best for you. Buy your kid a pellet gun to learn shooting skills with. BB guns need more skills handling them and that’s why you shouldn’t allow your kids to mess around with them.

Choose a gun that you think has the features that you need. It should be within your range and safe for use. Hope you have found this article to be helpful in your quest to find the best gun for target shooting.

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