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Longboard vs Skateboard

Longboard vs skateboard has been a heated topic for a very long time. If you are new to them, you might think that they are the same thing. But when you take a closer look, you will note that they are very different in so many ways. To make you differentiate between the two, we have discussed several points that will help know which one is the most ideal for you. One is good at practicing kicks and ollies and the other is wonderful at gaining speed while hitting the downhill slopes.

Length and shape of the boards

Just like its name, a longboard is usually longer in length than conventional skateboard. Even if longboards do not follow a formal length, the cutoff between a longboard and a skateboard is normally 91cm, or around 3 ft in length, and longboards are typically as long as 13cm. When it comes to shape, skateboards have a curved shape on both sides of the deck. On the other hand, longboards have two strips at each side instead of curves.

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Many people cruise on the streets using skateboards. These aren’t the best for riding for long distances or carrying loads. This is because they are not good for all kinds of terrain. Also, they are lightweight and not stable. Alternatively, longboards are great for long rides and transportation reasons. They have long length and smart designs that assure smooth ride for several miles on almost all terrains.


For balancing tricks and to make stunts, skateboards are the best. This is because conventional skateboards are small in length and would need professional level balancing skills. The curved shape also helps in making of stunts to be easy. But with longboards, these are very easy to balance on but not to make stunts. They provide you with positioning your feet on a wider length, since it has a great width for different foot sizes.


Grinding tricks are normally risky and dangerous, at the same time. This is why most of the grinding tricks like aerial, ollies, staircase riding, flip tricks and half pipes are burned in many places. If you insist on grinding, go for the lighter and small sized skateboards instead of longboards.


If you are one of those individuals who don’t want their feet to touch the ground, then the pumping technique is the best for you. This can be done well by using a longboard ride. Skateboarding does need contact with the ground to propel the rider. Though the longboard ride doesn’t need foot contact to propel, as it shape and design offers the pump for a speedy ride. Thus if you want a speedy ride while sticking your both feet on the board, then the longboards are the most ideal.


It doesn’t matter which type of board you have, there will always be a risk when riding them. The longboards are great for riding for long distances and downhill runs. While the skateboards are great for doing different stunts such as kickflips, aerials and ollies. Just use the right board for its intended activity to be safe.

To sum up:

Choosing between a longboard and skateboard depends on what your needs and activities are. Skateboards are great for performing stunts such as kickflies and ollies, while longboards are wonderful for gaining speed and for downhill runs. They have different features which you should greatly look into before deciding on one.

Whatever type of skateboard you decide to acquire, ensure that you only use it for its purpose. If possible, get both the skateboard and longboard to do kickflies or ride downhill.

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