Is Pomade Bad for Hair?

For many decades now, hairstyles have been part of men’s lives. Men have been using products like shampoo, hair conditioners and natural oils to keep their hair stylish and healthy. Another product that makes this list is pomade. Although people usually have divided minds on whether pomade is good for the hair or not, you can make your own judgment after reading this informative post.

It is just normal that for the first time that anything goes into our body, the body responds by reacting to it. So, pomade isn’t different at all. In case you’re making a change from a certain hair product to pomade, you may be faced with such a challenge, and thus you shouldn’t rush. Start by applying little pomade as your hair and scalp get used to it! If you use excess pomade on your hair, it may react by producing oils to counter it. But this shouldn’t make you panic that you’re allergic to pomade. Maybe you just have an overly oil scalp.

Different people respond differently to pomade

Depending on your skin type, whether oily or dry, it might react differently to the introduction of pomade on your scalp. All you need is to wait for the scalp to adjust to the change that it is experiencing. Some of the disadvantages a person might face when they start to use pomade is the emergence of acne, the skin might become too oily, and several other drawbacks. But continued use of pomade will see to it that these signs disappear and everything becomes normal once more.

Do not use too much of pomade

No matter the type of pomade you use (waxed or petroleum based), excess use will be detrimental to the user. This is the same to taking too much water which might be bad for the kidneys as it makes the body uncomfortable due to excessive bloating in the stomach. This applies the same to the utilization of pomade on hair or scalp. After all, a man just needs to look good but not shinny like ladies.

Clean your hair more often

Every person is needed to pay close attention to both hair and scalp hygiene. It doesn’t matter if you use pomade or not. The hair is exposed to pollution, dirt or sweat, which are capable of damaging the hair shell. So, if you’re using pomade and not keeping up the hygiene, you make the entire process even worse. If possible, you should shampoo your hair regularly in order to keep it clean and free from dust particles. Also, comb your hair and wash with warm water as part of the maintenance process.

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Have your personal brushes

If you are the only individual using pomade in the house, then you better be very careful. Things like comb shouldn’t be shared as a small portion of the pomade getting on a person’s hair may cause problems. Buy combs and other hair items that you will be strictly using. You don’t want to see acne or dandruff on the skin of another person.

Wipe off excess pomade to avoid acne

When you start using pomade, you will need to pay close attention to it. A small portion of this greasy substance getting on our skin might lead to acne formation. So, every time you get pomade on your skin, you should wipe it off completely. This is because when pomade gets on your skin, it doesn’t breathe, leading to acne breakout. Also, when applying pomade on your hair, ensure that the excess product doesn’t find its way on your skin or wipe it off quickly with a towel.

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