How to Use a Red Dot Sight

Red dot sights have changed the way people hunt and shoot. This excellent technology combines the advantages of iron sights and rifle scopes. The red dot sight provides a sighting system that is better and unique than any other sighting system. It is suitable for combat, hunting, shooting competition, and photographing of birds and moving objects. With different types of red dot sights on the market, it is crucial to select a quality and accurate device.

If you want to increase your shooting effectiveness, you should know how to use a red dot sight. Before red dot sights become popular, people heavily relied on iron sights for aiming accurately at their target. But after discovering how effective and precise red dot sights are, they have been widely embraced by the military and many other people.

In this post, we’ve clearly indicated how to effectively utilize the red dot sight. Read on to know how…

How to accurately aim using a red dot sight

When the weapon is on safe at the ready, single out and focus on a target. Keep both eyes open as you bring the weapon up to the firing position. The moment the sight emerges in front of the eyes, a red dot will come out in front of the eyes. When the red dot reaches the point of aim, switch to fire and engage the target. Ensure that both eyes are open and the focus never moves away from the target.

During use, constantly keep the reticle brightness changed as low as possible for lighting conditions. As a matter of fact, this will provide a clearer sight image and obscure the target less. The red dot sight comes with a knob. When in the dark, turn the knob to low, and while in snow or sunlight, turn it to high. For those who intend to use the sighting system at night, you will require an optic that has lower intensity settings for night vision.

How to zero

Zeroing a red dot sight is similar to zeroing any rifle scope, with the additional process of zeroing back-up iron sights just in case you have them. If you’ve a bore sighted weapon on the range, you should either get rid of the optic if need be or sighting through it, zero the iron sights. When zeroing the iron sights, leave the optic switched off and ignore it. The moment the iron sights are zeroed, flip them down, if possible. Adjust the optic on and zero according the manufacturer’s guidelines. At the time of zeroing the reflex sight totally ignore the iron sights, other than to utilize to index the optic if you aren’t bore sighting. They are actually two different sighting systems and are not connected with one another. The iron sights are not zeroed to the dot and the dot is not zeroed to the iron sights.

One thing you should be aware of when using red dot sights is that it is accurate for short ranges and not long range shooting. It is believed that reflex sights loose all accuracy when applied for targets over 100 metres away. But aiming is quicker with red dot sights than with iron sights. The user of the sighting system doesn’t need to alter his focus from the target to the front sight and align the sights with one another and the target.

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