How to Use a Machete

A machete is a versatile tool that helps gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts like hunters and campers carry out their work easily and effectively. Machetes are utilized for cutting tree branches and dense brush. Also, it can be used to cut vines that would stall a tomahawk. These are just some of the few tasks that a machete can perform. Read the best machete review article if you want to get high quality machete.

But without proper knowledge of using a machete, you might throw it aimlessly and end up hurting your feet or leg or any other part of your body. Acquire a quality machete that measures around 15 to 30 inches longer. It should be of the ideal weight so that you can swing it easily and in the right way. The machete should have a good handle with a sheath to keep it.

If it’s your first time using a machete and don’t know how to properly use it, here are the steps to follow in order for you to swing the machete like a local or pro.

Step one: Inspect the machete

The first thing to do before practicing how to use a machete is to inspect it and ensure that it is in great condition. First of all, the machete should be well sharpened and maintained well. You don’t want to have a blunt machete as it will only slow you down and make you use extra energy. In addition, ensure that the machete has a nice grip for easy handling of the tool.

Step two: Inspect the area

Make sure that the area you are intending to work on is free of any individual, kids or pets. This is because as you swing the machete, it might hit the individual and harm them. Also check that the swinging range is free of trees or other obstacles that might interfere or change the way you swing the machete.

Step three: How to hold the machete the right way

Another important thing to check is the grip. When the grip is wrong, the swing will as well be wrong. Furthermore, you need to hold the machete the right way or you will end up with blisters.

To hold the machete the right way, hold it by wrapping your thumb and forefinger around the opposite sides of the handle and pinching them closely together tightly. Then, the other three fingers need to be wrapped loosely around the base of the handle. Avoid holding the handle so tightly. You should allow the machete to wiggle around slightly in your palm.

Step four: How to swing the machete

This is the most important step to master while learning how to swing a machete. For practices like hacking or chopping, you should utilize the broad, heavy, sweet spot of the machete. This will assist create momentum, with the direct force being used against the object you are attempting to chop. To achieve an effective swing, below are a few steps to take:

  • To begin with, when you swing the machete, commence higher and direct your entire arm in a downward guidance to heighten momentum. Also, you will have the weight of the machete and gravity on your side.
  • In addition, you should bring your shoulder down as you swing the machete. This makes sure that the momentum of your core is actually the main power supply, creating the force that flows through your arm and into the machete.
  • One important thing to note is that you should allow your elbow to lead the direction of the swing.
  • On the contact with the object that you are cutting, try to flick your wrist slightly. For instance, woody vegetation needs a downward flick, while grass and leafy growth should be cut with an upward flick.

Step five: The angle of contact

Last but not least, is the angle of contact as you hit the object being cut after having the grip and swing in place. If you master this, you will work efficiently and cut at the desired place without any problem.


The long wait is over; you can now grab your machete and go cut several tree branches in the backyard without the fear of swinging the machete the wrong way. A machete is a sturdy and versatile tool that every home should have. But if used the wrong way, it can be dangerous to the user. With the above steps, you can now easily cut, chop or even split wood with a quality machete.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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