How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

Golfing is a sport that needs a lot of accuracy. This is because for the golfer to get the ball into the hole, they should be very accurate and a slight calculation may mean that they miss the hole. That’s why most of the Rookie golfers are embracing golf scopes to help them to precisely measure the distance of the ball from the flag or hole. In addition, they are able to select the right club.

In order for a golfer to accurately use the rangefinder, they need to familiarize with the device. Also, choosing a quality GOS scope is very important. In this article, we will show you how to fully utilize a golf rangefinder, so that you can get accurate distances of the golf course that you’re going to compete on.

  • First and foremost, you should buy a golf scope that has a maximum range that is beyond the longest hole at your home golf course. Ensure that you purchase a golf rangefinder that has a range beyond 500 yards so that you can form a very clear view of the hole on a par 5. Such features can be found in the high-end rangefinder models. Check out rangefinder reviews and make sure that you are getting value for your money.
  • It is important to view the magnification level and increments of your golf rangefinder before you go out golfing. Also, you need to ensure that your golf scope is adjustable down to every single yard and has various levels of magnification to keep a very clear image of your target.
  • When using your rangefinder at a golf course, you should stand outside of the tee box. The rule of golf needs you to stand well outside of the tee markers while other golfers play ahead of you to ensure a faster game. But you can as well have a great view of the course by steering clear of other golfers on the golf course.
  • Pay attention on a certain spot on the golf course and pan away before you make a swing. A good number of golfers make a mistake of looking at a target without putting it in context with the entire golf course. Also, look at the target with your naked eye before using a golf rangefinder.
  • When holding the rangefinder, ensure that it is steady and if possible, you can hold it with two hands so that you can keep your line of sight as level as you can.
  • Change the eye hole of your rangefinder on the first hole to make sure comfort during the whole round. If you have the rangefinder placed at an uncomfortable level throughout the 18 holes of a golf course, then, your eyes will wear out very fast.
  • Ensure that your golf scope is always kept clean on the golf course and is as well stored the right way. When you use in between sessions, wipe off the lens and eyehole by use of a towel before placing the device back in the carrying case.
  • If you have a laser or digital rangefinder, ensure that you have extra batteries. This is because you may require replacing a battery in the middle of a round if there is extreme heat draining the battery with continuous use.

If you want to know more about how rangefinder work then check here.


A golf scope or golf rangefinder is one of the easiest equipment to use. This is because they come with easy to use features and have no many technicalities required. All you have to do is to spot the target and hold the rangefinder in that direction.

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