How to Trap Rats

When rats overrun your house, they can be very difficult to eliminate on the go. These tricky and messy creatures can spoil your things like gnaw wood and spoil food in the store. Immediately you notice even just one of them, you should take quick action to deal with it. There are various methods that a person can employ to eliminate or even catch rats. One of them is by use of traps. In this article, we will show you how you can effectively set up a rat trap and kill or suffocate them to death. Sometimes, people set up traps and complain about them not working. With the following steps, your trap will be a success.

  1. Choose a trap

The first step is to select the ideal trap. You should differentiate between a trap for mouse and a rat trap. The one built for mice is smaller and cannot catch the rat well. Also, there are glue traps, snap traps and live traps. If you aren’t afraid of killing the rat, then a glue or snap trap is great for you. But if you’re afraid, then you should use a live trap.

  1. Use bait on traps and they should not be poisonous

Alternatively, you can use bait traps to catch or trap the rats. When using a bait trap, you should place the types of baits that rats love. Don’t just stick to butter and cheese as other baits such as dried fruits and nuts can be used too. You can also use good rat poison as an alternative.

  1. Position the trap at the idea position

Ensure that you place the trap where the rats are most likely to pass. This can be in their passage way or near to where the rats live. Here, you will be certain to trap them easily.

  1. Ensure that the traps are well spaced from one another

Make sure that there is space after every trap that you set up. This applies if you want to set up lots of traps. Some can be in corners while others on the wall.

  1. Check the traps regularly

Always inspect the traps on a daily basis. You don’t want to forget about and start to here a foul smell of a dead rat.

  1. Put on gloves when handling rat traps

Rats should be handled with great caution. This is because they carry various diseases with the most notable one being black plaque. Wear gloves when handling mouse traps or even when disposing the dead or alive rats.

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  1. If the rats form a colony, contact expert rat exterminator

In case you discover late when the rats have breed and multiplied in large numbers, then getting rid of them might be tough than you can imagine. In such a scenario, get the services of a professional rat exterminator to kill these pesky rodents.

  1. Burry or throw away dead rats/ release live rats

After trapping the rat, you should dispose it off properly without getting in contact with it. Burry a dead rat or throw it far away. If it’s still alive, you decide to release in a forest or far off place.

  1. Wash hands after throwing away the rats

    You should always clean your hands with soap and rinse them thoroughly after disposing off the rats. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

You can now go ahead and set up your trap in a place that you think you will snap or trap a lot of rats. Follow our guideline above and if you feel that the rats are so many, call a professional rat exterminator for help.

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