How to Make Rat Poison

Rats are very dangerous vermin that can infest your home and cause a lot of havoc and spread different diseases. When you notice that you have these cunning rodents in your house, you should devise ways to eliminate them quickly before they multiply fast. Rats are very smart and once they sense that the food being given to them is poisonous, they will not consume it completely. That’s why some of these commercial poisons don’t work on rats.

There are people who use commercial poison which is toxic and can be harmful to our pets as well as kids. Although, there are a few rat poison have natural ingredient. If you want to kill rats but use less life-threatening ways, then you can try and make your own rat poison. Also, rats find it difficult to note if homemade poison is actually poisonous. You can pick one of the poisons below and use it appropriately to eliminate these pesky creatures. If you don’t want to use poison then you could use trap for killing rat.

Using baking soda

Baking soda works perfect as it fills the rat’s stomach with carbon dioxide. Rats cannot pass gas and thus, when the carbon dioxide fills in their stomach, they rapture and end up dying. If you want this poison to function well, you should mix it with equal parts of sugar and flour. Mix the three ingredients very well so that the rat cannot detect the baking soda. Put the mixture in a shallow container and position it close to the rat’s nest or hiding area. Inspect the container after some days to know if the rat has consumed.

Using plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a great poison that comprises of gypsum. This hardens when it gets in contact with any liquid. In case the rat consumes plaster or Paris, it will harden inside their stomachs and eventually die. To effectively use this poison, you need to mix a quarter pound of plaster of Paris and Cornmeal. Mix these two ingredients together and add milk to form a dough. Create little dough balls and roll them in the hiding places for rats so that they can eat them and suffocate to death.

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Using boric acid

Boric acid is another excellent poison to use. Even though it doesn’t kill quickly, this poison is very effectively and can be used to suffocate the rat to death slowly. All you have to do is to mix equal parts of boric acid and sugar to form a dry mixture. If you want to make it dough, you can add water. In addition, you can as well coat it with peanut butter.

Using peanut butter

Rats are highly attracted to peanut butter. You can mix the butter with a rodenticide. This can be boric acid, palster of paris or baking soda. Ensure that you mix them in equal parts so that the rat won’t note.

Using instant potatoes

You should try mixing instant potatoes with plaster of paris or baking soda. Rats normally consume on instant potatoes as a food alternative. Pregnant rats are more attracted to this food. Hide the baking soda or plaster of paris in the potatoes for the rat to consume and suffocate to death.

No one likes having rats in their home. This is because they cause the house to be messy, especially around food sacks and store. They also destroy wood and gnaw wires which can lead to spoiling of some electronics. The moment you note animal droppings, a dead rat, strange noises at night in the ceiling or kitchen, then you should be on the lookout for rats in the house. Killing these rats isn’t a big problem as you can use the less dangerous method to your pets and children by applying one of the poisons that we’ve discussed above.

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