How to Get Rid of Rats Fast?

Having rats in your residence can be a huge problem. This is because they carry diseases and damage property. Rats are supported by three things which include food, water and shelter. If they are able to get these in your homestead, then they will infect your home. These rodents multiply quickly and thus, the moment you detect them, you should eliminate them very fast. In the US, there are two common types of rats which are the Norway rat and Roof rat.

Rats can be detected by checking their droppings, piled nesting material, burrows in the yard, scratching sounds from the attic or prove of gnawing wood or wire. They love living in the attics, kitchen cabinet, sacks, pipeline and basement. That are the places that you should inspect if you suspect having them in your home. For proper elimination of rats in your home, you can use one of the following methods:

There are different type baits that a person can use to get rid of rats. One can use a baiting trap, bait station or utilize rodenticides. Bait traps are used by placing dry pet food or things like butter to attract the rat to the bait where it is snapped. A bait station is where the rat gets trapped while trying to eat the bait inside the bait station. Here the rat is trapped and not killed. While a rodenticide is a poison pesticide used to kill rats. It should be placed in an area where kids can’t reach or even pets.

  • Use a trap

The second and commonly used method is by trapping a rat. This is a cheap method and should be checked regularly after setting the trap. Normally, a trap is used if you know where the rats live or their path. It can be a live trap, snap trap or glue trap. Snap traps are the deadliest as they kill the rat on the spot or injure it badly. Live traps just trap the rat and it cannot escape. Glue traps are also effectively as the moment the rat is trapped it can’t free itself.

  • Get a cat

If you want the rats to be eliminated in a simple but effective manner, then you can use acquire a cat. Cats are amazing hunters and natural rat predators. A great cat will reduce the rat’s population in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Plant some plants that rats are driven away by

If you want to eliminate cats naturally without killing or injuring them, then you can decide to grow plants that rats are irritated by and can withstand them. Such plants include mint and should be grown around the house and where the rats might be hiding on grounds near trees.

  • Spray or apply natural repellents on the perimeter

Another simple but very effective method of getting rid of rats is by spraying natural rat repellents close to or in places they reside. Use natural repellents such as peppermint oil, moth balls, pepper, onions and cow dung. Rats can’t stand them and their smell.

  • Call professionals to get rid of rats

In case you are afraid of seeing rats suffer or don’t want to get involved at all, you can also decide to call a professional firm to help you get rid of these rodents. Professionals can use any f the methods above with electrocuting and spray repellents included.

Pick a method that you feel is okay with you. Some are inhumane while others are human. It all depends if you want the rat dead or to just get it rid from your residence.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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