How to do a Backflip on a Trampoline

A trampoline is very fun to jump on and have many more fun. There are various stunts that a person can do on a Trampoline such as a front flip and a back flip. To perform these stunts, you don’t have to be a professional gymnast. Consistent practice can enable you do a backflip or any other move of your choice. We’ve outlined different steps that a person can follow in order for them to do backflip.

Follow these steps to successfully do a backflip on a Trampoline

  • Get a trainer and prepare your body

If you want to have a sound preparation, you should have a trainer or a partner to work with. They will view you and assists make the process simple. The first step is to rotate yourself by putting the arm close to your back and your partner will assist propel your feet over as you flip. The partner that you get should be comfortable on the trampoline so that they can be ready to support you.

  • Warm up your body

The second step is to warm up your body on the Trampoline. Do this by jumping around, limbering up your legs, jogging around and getting a feel for the material below your feet and also the bounce. This is important so that you can familiarize with the trampoline before doing any flip.

  • Perform a backdrop

After warming up, perform a backdrop by falling onto your back and bouncing right back up. Afterwards, throw your legs over, simply a slow somersault. At the time of doing a backdrop, throw legs behind you using and utilizing the jump back up due to rotate behind your body. When done with this step, the proceeding steps are more crucial and need great attention.

  • Do a hand-spring over your shoulder toward side-ways

Go ahead and do a hand-spring over your shoulder toward the side-ways. Perform by bending your arms at elbows, letting it processing and over your head, at the same time propelling backwards and assuming a full circle by fully rounding. This is regarded to keep the jump in the air for the next movement. Then, look behind you and drive your body also the neck, bringing the entire body towards the same direction. After that, get a nice bounce and jump up straight. When you reach the peak of your jump, propel your body over the shoulder and land on your hands, and afterwards knees are secure.

  • Do a more difficult handspring with back handspring

Back handspring is performed when you get over the shoulder handspring down. At this juncture, looking up and behind you. At the same instant, direct your body and neck with it. In this situation, during propelling yourself as backward, you may have injuries of fall off the trampoline. You should act cautiously.

  • Try hard to land your feet in the same position as your hands

Perform the above steps several times so that you can safely and stably land on your hands as well as feet. For this to happen, you need to have more push of momentum. Your body’s parts will give you power. The greater the momentum is the good he motivation.

  • Jump higher and higher every time

When you get used to the advanced steps, the process becomes easier and easier. The skill to jump higher and higher needs higher push by leaning back and bending your knees. Also, look back as you look into the sky to find the apparatus. You should try as much as possible to keep following the backflip and perfect it.

These simple steps will help you do a backflip on a trampoline as long as you practice it more often and perfect it.

Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph
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