How to create a website? Build your Own website only $12! (Don’t miss the deal)

How to create a website almost freeDo you want to get your own website only at $12? Yes, you can build any type website only at $12!  Follow these 4 steps and get your website within 10 minutes.

N.B: You should register through the above link to avoid any other problems.
Remember: To create a website you need to spend at least $100+. But, if you register today, then you will get only at $12.
Don’t miss the offer. You can do your website other task later, but Register today to get the Deal.

Why you should create a website right now?

  • Almost 1 million people are owning a website per day. Why you are not owning a website?
  • On your website you can write whatever you want. It could be your personal diary or you can write about your work life or share your expertise.
  • If you have a business, then you should have a website for that.
  • Moreover, You can earn money from a website! (Read full article to know more about this).

If your website becomes live then anyone can visit your website and you can earn money as well.

What you will get with this Hosting offer?

  1. Free Domain registration for 1 year.
  2. Hosting for 1 Year.
  3. Free Office 365 starter email for 1 year.


Any Hidden Cost or Additional Cost?

No. Just you need to spend $12 and you can run your website for 1 year.

What will be after 1 year?

After 1 year you will get 3 options.

  1. Renew domain and hosting for another year. Its cost will be $110.
  2. Transfer domain and hosting to another host provider. Its cost could be less than $50.
  3. Let them expire. If you do not feel interest to run your website anymore then no need to Renew your domain, hosting. Its cost will be ZERO :).

Which Company will provide this service? Can I believe them?

This offer is from world largest domain hosting provider. You will remain 100% safe with them. And I am sure you already heard their name too. Moreover, you will get 24 hour Phone, Email or Live chat support with them.

Still have any question or Confusion? Just email me using the contact us form.

So, How to create a website?

You need to follow these simple steps. PLEASE follow step by step process and complete it at a time to avoid any errors.

STEP ONE: Directly go the $12 offer page. Then you find exactly this kind screenshot.

GoDaddy 12 dollar hosting offerHere you need to Select “Economy” $1/mo package. Just click “Add to Cart” button.

Update: Few people emailed me that they are getting $1.49/mo deal. Not getting $1/mo offer. (If you are getting $1/mo deal, then skip this and directly go 2nd step). If you see the $1.49/mo offer, then you need to follow an extra step to get $1/mo deal. Check below screenshot.GoDaddy offer hosting tips

Can you see Top corner Godaddy logo? Click the “EN” and Choose your Country/Region as “United State – English”. After this change you will get $1/mo deal.

How to buy a domain Free?

STEP TWO: Now you need to select your domain name. What is a domain name? The Domain name is a unique name that can own only one person. Just like this website domain name

So, how to select your domain name? Let say, you want to create a personal website and your name is Jake Noille. Then you can buy a domain . Or you have a business name “New York Pet supplier”. Then, your domain name could be or .

Again, let say you love your dog. You want to create a website where you will upload photos of your dog and want to write articles about your dog. Then your domain name could be .

As I said above domain name should be unique and 1 name only can buy 1 person. So, if already bought you need to select another name like or similar like that.

Check above screenshot. Writer your desired domain name and click “Search”. If that domain name available to buy then the next page will show like this screenshot.Godaddy free domain registration tricks

If that domain name isn’t available to buy then you need to select a different domain name. And when you able to see like this “Yes! Your domain is available. And guess what? It’s free!” go to the next step.

Godaddy domain only 1 dollar

STEP THREE: Here is the screenshot to of the checkout page.

cheap godaddy hosting coupon

“Economy Linux Hosting With Cpanel Package” 12 month $12.
“Office 365 Starter Email” 12 month $0.
“Your Desire Domain Name” 12 month $0.

Click “Proceed to Checkout”.

STEP FOUR: Now, they will send “Sign In” page. You need to create a new account.

Sign up godaddy to get free web hosting

Fill up the registration form and pay $12 using any payment method.

Create new Account on godaddy

N.B: If you already have registered an account with Godaddy, then don’t use that same email for a new account registration. And you need to use different payment method here to pay $12. Because, Godday’s this offer only for New Register Member.

Ok Done! Now, What should I do?

Check follow this Video Tutorial and Live your website.

Can you help me More?

Yes, why not! Just contact me using below form. I am a professional web developer. You can ask me any question or message me if you need any website related advice. Yes, it’s totally free.

Is it possible to make money using my Website?

Yes, of course. This is a billion dollar market and you can also make money from it. But, how? Theory is very simple. You need to create a website and need to write regularly on your blog. If you write interesting articles on your blog, then people will visit your blog regularly. If you able to get visitors then you will able to make huge money from it.

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