How to Catch a Mouse

A mice invasion can be very disturbing as they will spoil your food, furniture and cause all sorts of havoc in the places they reside. Immediately you notice mouse droppings or here strange noises in the cupboards or ceiling, you should take quick action and eliminate them. Apart from spoiling things and food, mice can cause various diseases, too. You can decide to kill or catch a mouse in your home and dispose it off at a distant place from your home. There are various ways through which people use to catch mouse and we’ve discussed most of them in this post.

There are several types of mouse traps to use when you realize that you have a mice infestation in your house. You can use live traps, glue traps or even snap traps. Glue traps and snap traps are considered inhumane as they can injure or even kill the mouse in the process. The live trap is what many people use as it only captures the mouse which can be later disposed off to a distant place. In the case of glue trap, it holds the mouse until one comes and disposes the mouse outside. In some cases, the rat may chew its leg in order to free itself but it will end up dying.

  • Set up bait traps

When using bait traps to catch the mouse, it is important that you place just a small portion of the bait on the trap. Large chunks of bait like peanut butter can be eaten by the mouse and in the end not snapping them. Also, ensure that the bait trap is in the ideal location such as their passage way or close to where the mice lives. Also, choose bait that mice love instead of using any kind of bait that they may bypass without consuming on it.

  • Build bait stations

One of the best ways to catch a mouse is by use of bait stations. Normally, there are various types of bait stations a person can create. The bait should lead the mouse to the trap. Alternatively, instead of making your own bait station, you can also purchase an already made station. These stations are usually considered humane as the mouse trapped isn’t killed but caught a live without any damage. It can later be disposed off.

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  • Close entry points

This is more of a long-term solution than just killing or catching the mice. A mouse can fit in tight places in your wall or even where drainage pipes passes. After getting rid of the mice in your home, you should now close all entry points so that they cannot get into your house. This can be done by closing all tiny holes or spaces in the walls and surface.

  • Contact a professional mouse exterminator

If you’re tired of trying to eliminate mice in your home, you can get the services of professional mouse exterminators. These are people who have specialized to catch or kill mice and they will help you abundantly. They can identify them and offer solutions that you will be in agreement with. They can either kill the mice or catch them alive.

Bottom Line

Worry no more about a mice infestation of your home by devising one of the various methods above to catch the mice. Most people prefer catching the mice and disposing them off in the bush or forest, than to kill them. The above methods will help you catch these annoying and fast breeding rodents from your home. You can now have peace when you get rid of all the mice from your residence.

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