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Electric Knife vs Regular Knife

A knife is a kitchen tool that helps us prepare food through cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing. That’s why a knife is one of the most prized possessions in the kitchen.  If you love cooking like me, then you know the importance of having different kinds of knives for prepping different types of foods. Regular knives are more common than fillet or any other kind of kitchen knife. This is because of their versatility and simplicity of use.

In this post, we are going to look at the differences that stand between regular and electric filleting knives. Regular fillet knives are used manually with your own hands and energy while electric fillet knives use electricity but are controlled by your hand. Read further to know the many differences of these two knives.

Price and cost – an electric filleting knife comes with many features when compared to a regular knife. Such aspects makes it to be costly than a regular knife. In addition, the cost of maintaining a regular knife is way low when compared to that of an electric knife. There are some electric knives that are cheaper than regular knives. But if you want the best, then you should go for the best which are slightly expensive.

Weight of the knives – electric knives comes with extra parts that make it to be heavier than normal or regular knives. A normal knife is just simple with a blade and handle. This makes it ideal for home use.

Mode of operation – as its name suggests, an electric knife uses electricity to function, while on the hand a normal knife is operated manually. When using the electric knife, you will have to guide it with your hand and it’s a process one has to learn.

Ease of use – a regular knife doesn’t need the user to have any knowledge to use it and it’s safer to use. On the other hand, an electric knife requires one to master it to avoid nicking himself/herself. The thin blade of an electric fillet knife makes it risky and needs to be handled with great care.

Amount of cutting – if you work in a busy area like a hotel where you need to slice meat or fillet fish quickly, an electric knife is the most ideal to use. It is able to slice, and cut foods quickly when compared to a normal knife. This is mostly supported by its thin design and use of electricity. If you use a regular knife in such a situation, you will get tired and slow down which is not the case with an electric knife that uses electricity to operate.

Performance – sometimes, you want to cut your meat or fish in the right portion and maintain a high level of accuracy. Use an electric fillet knife as it performs better than a regular knife. All you need is to learn how to use it from experts and you will get the best results. Also, the electric knife is able to cut easily through soft foods while a regular knife struggles.

To sum up, a regular knife is a bit cheaper when compared to an electric knife. Depending with the brand, there are some regular knives that are costly and of high quality than electric knives. An electric fillet knife needs one to be guided on how to use it before taking the risk. Also, electric knives makes work to be easier, cut or slice a lot in just few minutes and are great for commercial use.

If you want a very efficient and flexible knife to cut delicate meat and foods, then the electric fillet knife is the best for you. But if you want a simple, less expensive and versatile knife for home use, then a regular knife is the best choice. Hope you’ve found this post to be helpful.


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