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Best Cree Flashlight Reviews 2019

Is it necessary to buy a cree flashlight? No, it is not necessary. Cree is a company who produces LED. Other companies also produce led but their led isn’t too popular. The cree led popularity’s main reason is they produce very high quality led.
Thus, everyone recommend to buy cree led.
Are you looking for a high quality flashlight? Then you should buy a cree led flashlight.
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Cree flashlight is a common name in the field of flashlights, especially for those who are searching high quality flashlights in the market. I already have explained above what is a Cree flashlight and why you need to buy cree flashlights? In this best cree flashlight reviews article I am going to recommend some good cree flashlights.

What is Cree?

Currently, there are several producers of Light emitting diodes (LED’s). But the best LED’s are the Cree LED. This is because Cree is the best producer of LED in the world today. They are extremely innovative and come up with fantastic products every day. In most cases, the greatest manufacturers use Cree LED in their flashlights.

What is the Cree Flashlight?

Located in Durham, North Caroline, Cree is an American company that creates LED technology only and not the flashlights themselves. Some companies in the market are taking advantage of the popularity of the Cree name and using it to promote their lights such as “Cree tactical flashlights”. Because they are using Cree led in their flashlight so they have right to do that.  The company creates different models of LED’s which vary in lumens and in color too. Below are some of the great features that are associated with Cree flashlights.

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Why Cree Flashlight Reviews? What Features available on it?

The top flashlights in the market mostly use the Cree LED technology. This is because the Cree LED is super bright. Their lumens mostly ranges from 80 – 5000 which is extremely powerful and ideal for the best flashlights. Such flashlights are good to use while at camp sites, for military operations, hunting, fishing, hiking and also while walking in dark alleys.

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Long lasting flashlight Cree led

Most people love products that are highly efficient and convenient to use. This is why Cree flashlights are the best flashlights to use for your different activities. These flashlights have rechargeable batteries and charger which is perfect for those who need to use them for long hours. Also, they help reduce the cost of constantly purchasing new batteries when they die, although their initial cost is a bit high but it’s worth the price.
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Small Cree flashlight

For a flashlight to be efficient in use, it should have a great design and size. Cree flashlights are created perfectly with a great design that can be handled easily. They are mostly small in size but very powerful with the Cree Led technology. With their small size, the Cree flashlights can easily fit in the pocket, purse or in the palm of your hand. The advanced design made of these flashlights ensures that they are skid proof and water resistant at the same time.

Brightest Cree led flashlight color

Another unique feature of the Cree flashlights is that they have different color filters. This gives the customer a choice of selecting the best color they prefer for their flashlights.

Whatever level of white tint or any other color you may need for your flashlight is available with Cree LED, but it affects the level of brightness despite the lumens being the same. This technology helps you choose the white or yellow tint you require for your flashlight.

Top 5 Best Cree Flashlight Reviews:

Even though most of the Cree flashlights are small in size, there performance is very high and are very convenient to walk around with. We have combined some of the best Cree flashlights on the market for you which are as follows:

Fenix pd35 tac review – CREE LED Tactical Flashlights (Our top pick)

Fenix PD35 tac is the first flashlight of this top 5 list. The Fenix pd35 tactical has a 1000 Lumen max utilizing Cree XP-L (V5) LED with a lifespan that exceeds 50,000 hours which is ideal for most tactical uses. The Fenix PD35 flashlight is dependable as it utilizes one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123A lithium batteries. It also has a tactical tail switch with momentary-on function.

The flashlight is digitally regulated output that assists to keep constant brightness. It has a bundle that contains 2 slot smart battery charger, Fenix ARB-L2M 2300mAh 18650 batteries and two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.
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It as well has a universal automatic smart charger which is compatible with many rechargeable batteries which help to lower the need of having different chargers.

Micro usb rechargeable flashlight – Norzero DC12 light

The Norzero DC12 flashlight has several benefits such as; it’s very bright, compact in size and Zoomabled. It also has a side switch interface that offers a one-handed operation and simple access to all functions.

It is an extremely great EDC rechargeable flashlight as it can adopt common micro USB charging port and can also be charged by several USB devices. Norzero has a rechargeable LED (CREE XM-L2) torch with an intelligent overcharge protection, intelligent low voltage and a low battery power reminder.
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To add to the effectiveness of this great Cree Led flashlight, it comes with a 2200mAh 18650 battery, one USB cable, one pocket clip, one Lanyard and spare o-ring.

BYB flashlight Review – Cree brightest led

The BYB adjustable focus Cree Led flashlight comes in a pack of four flashlights. It uses Cree led with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. It has a maximum output of 150 lumens which are really powerful. With three light modes; high, low or strobe, you can change the level of brightness accordingly.

The adjustable focus can be managed through pulling the head. For your usage convenience, it is compact in size and simple to carry.
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While in use, it has an ergonomic design which is easy to handle and a durable aluminum alloy body in case it falls or crashes and it also impact and water resistant. This highly efficient and amazing flashlight is powered by 3x 1.5v AAA which is not included but can be obtained easily in the market.

Nitecore EC11 review – Mini Cree led flashlight

The flashlight is made out of aero grade aluminum alloy that ensures it’s durable and impact resistant. It has a dual switch which makes usage to be very easy and also allow access to five different brightness levels and strobe SOS.

It has a secondary red LED that gives continuous illumination. The battery voltage is shown by a red flashing. The high efficiency constant current circuit ensures there is a max runtime of up to 20 hours.
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It provides direct access to both ultra-low and turbo output. One of the great features of this flashlight is that it prevents damage from a wrongly placed battery through reverse polarity protection. Its size is subcompact which enables to fit in the pocket, palm or purse.

Lighting ever Zoomable flashlight review

The last flashlight is the cheapest flashlight ever. This wonderful Cree LED flashlight has an Lighting ever flashlight reviewadjustable beam focus feature. Which is desirable for long range observation and for its floodlight to be applied to illuminate a very large surrounding.

The focus is controlled by pulling the head. Since it has the Cree LED technology, it has a beam distance that covers up to 500ft.

Its maximum Lumens is 140 which is super bright. It’s also powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included when you purchase it.
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The body is made of heavy duty aluminum that makes it to be water, scratch and fade resistant and at the same time give it a good appeal. Its Cree LED light can last for a period of over 30, 000 hours.

These Cree LED flashlights are amazing and convenient to use with the several top features that they offer to their users. We hope, from this Cree flashlight reviews article you have gotten clear idea why you need a Cree flashlight.


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