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Cellular cameras have made things easier for game hunters and surveillance in homes. This is because you don’t have to travel to and fro in places of cellular camera setups. All the photos taken by your cellular trail cameras are sent directly to your phone or email within 90 seconds of capture. As a result, this saves you the time and resources used to travel in the woods or faraway places. So, how to find the best cellular trail camera?

Our Recommended Top 5 best Cellular Trail Camera Comparison Table

ImagesCellular Trail CameraPrice Alert
Check PriceWildgame Innovations Crush Cell 8 Lightsout Digital Trail Camera, Realtree Xtra
Read Review
Check PriceStealth Cam GXW Wireless 12 MP Trail Cam
Read Review
Check PriceSpartan (GC-VCTi) Verizon IR - Deluxe Pkg (Camera,Box,Lock & Swivel Mount)
Read Review
Check PriceReconyx SC950C Cellular Enabled Security Camera, Verizon, Grey, SC950C-VZN
Read Review
Check PriceHCO Spartan GoCam Mobile Wireless Blackout IR Flash Game Trail Camera, Kryptek Camo - AT&T- GC-ATTxB
Read Review

Main Features of Cellular Trail Cameras

If you want to improve your game hunting experience, select the best cellular trail camera in the market. Most of them come at a very high price and use a lot of power to run. After reviewing several brands of cellular cameras in the market, we selected a few that we feel are the best. As you pick out the cellular camera of your liking, ensure it meets your various demands and is fairly priced.

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Cellular camera photo quality

A great cellular camera should be able to produce high quality photos. Therefore, ensure the camera has a high resolution and has a flash to capture photos at night and in dark places.

Long lasting battery

The cellular camera uses a lot of power. That’s why it’s very important to select one that has a long life battery to sustain you further. Lithium ion batteries perform better when it comes to durability and compared to alkaline batteries.

Best cellular camera has a faster trigger speed

For accurate and clearer images, the cellular camera should have a faster trigger speed. This ensures that the camera is able to snap the image within a few seconds of detection.

Less time to shot the next image

The recovery time of the camera should be fast enough to allow other shots to be taken. A great cellular camera should take less than 2 seconds to take another shot after the first one is taken.

High Capacity camera memory

Acquire a camera which has a large capacity memory for viewing photos and storage. Cellular cameras with large storage capacity are quite expensive. So, you can as well decide to acquire an external SD to built-in memory.

Camera Cell Signal

Before buying a cellular camera, ensure that there is a cell signal in your area of preference. Currently, there only two cell signals which are from AT & T and Verizon that cover Cellular trail cameras. In addition, make sure the phone uses 3G instead of 2G which is stronger and covers most of the areas.

Other key features

Other key features include the detection zone of the camera which determines the range of coverage of the camera shot. Furthermore a great camera should have higher megapixels or more than 8 mps which provides better and clear photos.

Last but not least, look out for the security of the cellular cameras.  The camera should be secure and protectable from thieves by using an anti-theft cable. Its design and color should not be easily detected by trespassers or animals.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best Cellular trail Camera reviews

Here are the top five Cellular cameras that we think are the best at the moment. This is after a thorough review of the various cellular cameras being offered in the market today.

  1. Wildgame Innovations Digital Cellular Camera Review (Our top pick)

This one of the best cellular trail camera’s in the market. It comes with 8MP that ensures the photos or videos you capture are top quality.  In addition, the trail camera has a very fast trigger speed that captures the image as soon as it appears in range or detection cover. The Wildgame innovations have a compact design for ease of installation and usage. In order for the camera to function properly at night, it has infrared flash.
Wildgame Innovations Digital Cellular CameraCheck Price


  • Has a quick trigger speed of less than one second.
  • Has a larger detection zone.
  • Provide high resolution images.


  • It is not compatible with Verizon but only AT & T.
  1. Stealth Cam Gxw Wireless Review – Best Cellular Trail Cams

The stealth cam can be applied in different areas and does not limit many people to a certain network. But as well, a SIM Card and data arrangement is needed for it to function. With 12 MPs, expect the camera to shot high quality images and videos which are sent directly and instantly to your email or phone.

The camera uses both Cellular or wireless networks. Also, the Stealth Cam has a wider detection zone with up to 100 feet which makes it suitable for hunting at night. In addition, the camera has a mobile app which can work with one login for several cameras. A great feature of this Stealth Cam is 0.4 trigger speed which is very fast and accurate in capturing images.
Stealth Cam Gxw WirelessCheck Price


  • Has fast trigger speed.
  • High image quality with 12MP.
  • Larger detection zone of up to 100 feet.


  • Linking to the cell tower is a problem with this cam.
  • Has short videos session that plays for only 10 minutes.
  1. Wireless cellular trail cameras – Hco spartan gocam review

If you want high quality videos, this is the desirable trail camera for you. It has 8MP video and 3.5 MP photo resolution which is a bit low but sharp. It captures images in HD and has an infrared flash to instantly shot images at night. With a 60 feet night flash distance, you can be assured to cover a wide area to capture images at night. The 3G enabled trail camera ensures that you get your photos or videos via the email or phone through Verizon network.
Wireless cellular trail camerasCheck Price


  • Easy to setup.
  • High video quality with the 8MPs.
  • Covers a broader detection zone of up to 60 feet.


  • Uses only Verizon as its network and not AT& T.
  • Image quality is low with 3.5 MPs
  1. Best cellular security camera – Reconyx sc950c review

This is the most suitable cellular trail camera for security around your home. It can capture in excess of 40, 000 images which are very outstanding. The Reconyx sc950c is easy to set up and can be hidden anywhere due to its small size. Furthermore, the camera captures colored photos during the day and monochrome images at night. It has a long battery life and overwrites old images to capture current ones.
cellular security camerasCheck Price


  • Easy to setup.
  • Captures many photos.
  • Has an extended battery life.


  • Not good for hunting as it captures monochrome images at night instead of colored ones.
  1. Cellular scouting hco camera review

The HCO SG580MB GSM Cellular camera is ideal for hunting in the woods. It has 8MPs which is high resolution and captures quality photos. As well, it has a blackout flash which illuminates the images within the detection range at night. Since it is a cellular wireless camera, it sends the photos and videos directly to your phone or email. In addition, the trail camera has a call or text notification through your cellular network when an image or video is captured.
Cellular scouting hco cameraCheck Price


  • Saves on costs as you don’t have to travel to get the photos or images.
  • High quality images.
  • Uses cellular network which sends photos instantly.


  • You have to pay for the networks you use such as Verizon or AT & T.
  • Not easy to setup.

Cellular trail cameras have changed the way people hunt and provide security to homes. This is because you receive the images and videos of animals or trespassers immediately. With a broad range of cellular cameras, choose the one that most fulfills your demands.

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