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The 18650 flashlight is one that uses lithium ion batteries. These are rechargeable batteries that are thrice as powerful as the ordinary AA batteries. They are high capacity batteries that have an extended battery life. They can be recharged 500+ times before they are disposed off. These batteries are also small in size, which is very perfect for handheld flashlights. So, what is the best 18650 battery flashlight? I have explained everything in this Best 18650 Flashlight that you should know.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best 18650 Flashlights List

Images18650 FlashlightsOur RatingPrice AlertMax LumensModesBattery
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceBundle: Fenix UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight (UC35 PD35 Ultra-Compact Version) CREE XM-L2(U2) LED and LegionArms USB Charging Cord
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Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceFenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight, Black
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Check PriceOutlite A100 High Powered Handheld Flashlight, Portable LED Handheld Flashlight, Torch Light For Camping Hiking
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Check PricePowerTac E5 LED Flashlight
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Why buy the Best 18650 flashlight? Explain 18650 battery flashlight features:

There are few features that makes 18650 flashlight very unique and beneficial for everyone.

18650 battery Power:

The main reason why you should buy an 18650 flashlight is because of power. Power is determined by the type of bulb used, the number of the bulbs and batteries used to power the flashlight. The best types of bulbs are the LEDs. LEDs have replaced the traditional types of bulbs, thereby improving the quality and quantity of light output. These LEDs are also different; there are the older type and the new type. Examples of the new types are Cree XM-L and Cree XM-L2. It is important to note this when looking for the best flashlights.

Our Top Pick Fenix UC30 Rechargeable 18650 Flashlight Video Review

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Flashlight Size and weight:

Another reason why you should buy this type of flashlight is the size. There are different sizes of 18650 flashlights depending on the number of lithium batteries used. The advantage of having a flashlight that uses more Li-Ion batteries is that it produces more light compared to one that uses less. On the other hand the advantage of buying a flashlight that uses a single 18650 batteries is the reduced size that is convenient to carry. The suitable size is always a decision left for consumers to make.
Cheap 18650 batteries lights

Flashlight Durability:

The best 18650 flashlights are built strong with materials such as aircraft grade aluminum or titanium. They are also given a polished finish as an addition. The finishing is done using nickel of graphite. As a consequence, these flashlights are resistant to scratches and abrasion.
This type of construction makes them shock proof and slight drops when using them, which is not a big concern. Many of them are tightly sealed for water resistance. They have different water resistance capacities which are indicated by their water proof ratings. Therefore, these flashlights can be used in a storm and other difficult weather conditions. Those that are made of stainless steel are resistant to rust and so can last for a long period of time.

18650 batteries are more powerful & versatile.


It is not hard to find the best 18650 flashlight under 50. It is good to point out that this flashlight saves your money because; many of them use a single battery. Secondly; the batteries are rechargeable therefore you don’t have to buy batteries every now and then. They have a long battery life too, which means you don’t have to worry constantly when they will be drained so that you can buy new ones. Manufactures often include an extra set of batteries as well.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best 18650 Flashlight Reviews

When it comes to deciding which flashlight is the best among 18650 flashlights consumers are spoiled for choice.

This is as a result of great rivalry among manufacturers in their quest to create the latest devices. In no particular order let us have a look at the top 5 details and link where to buy 18650 batteries.

Fenix UC30 Rechargeable 18650 Flashlights: (Our top pick)

FENIX UC30 uses CREE XM-L2 (U2) LEDs and the bulbs have a life span of 50,000 hours. The LEDs produce 960 lumens powered by 2600mAh 18650 batteries. These are high capacity lithium batteries that are rechargeable. CR123 batteries can be used as an alternative. The UC30 guarantees a beam of high intensity for use in the dark that has a beam distance of 669 feet.
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It has an indicator that lets you know when your flashlight is running out of charge. There is a USB port on the flashlight and a legion Arm USB charging cable that can be carried in your backpack wherever you go.

Fenix UC30 include LegionArms USB Charging cord & Integrated Micro USB charging port cover

It has 5 brightness modes which include a strobe mode. This Fenix UC30 has a number of accessories that you can’t miss. These include a holster, lanyard, O-ring and a pair of USB dust plugs.

Fenix PD35 TAC Review – Brightest 18650 Flashlights:

Fenix PD35 TAC is yet another model of Fenix flashlights, but with a greater light output than the previous one. It is black in color with a brightness of 1000 lumens. It works with one 18650 battery and offers an alternative of a pair of 3V C123 lithium batteries.
Fenix PD35 TACCheck Price

It has two major modes a tactical mode and an outdoor mode. The tactical mode is further subdivided into turbo, strobe and low modes. There are two switches for shifting easily between these modes. One switch is positioned mid body and one at the base for turning on and off.

When using this fenix pd35 tac one need not to worry about the output adjusting itself unexpectedly because the output is managed digitally.

Outlite Flashlight – Led Outlite A100 Review

This Outlite A100 boosts of a light output of 900 lumens and has a zoom function which varies the brightness. You can see objects at 500-700 lumens, without zooming and 700-900 when zooming. The bulb type is CREE XML-T6 LED.
A single 3.7V 18650 battery is enough to power it. This is brought together with a charger. The Outlite A100 also allows 3 AA batteries just in case.
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Outlite A100 has 5 adjustable modes which are high, medium, low and SOS. It is user friendly and has an On and Off switch for operation.
It can balance perfectly on a flat surface which frees both your hands when using it. It is carefully constructed with aluminum and is waterproof. Its uses are versatile.

Keychain super mini LED flashlight is included as a freebie. Moreover, Outlite A100 is the cheapest 18650 battery flashlights.

Cree XM-l Flashlight Powertac E5 Review:

Last but not least is the powertac E5 which is an everyday carry flashlight. It has this powerful look that is accompanied with the brightness of the light it produces. The Cree XML LEDs produces a strong 950 lumens. Like other 18650 flashlights it uses one Li-ion battery or 2 CR123A lithium batteries.
Cree xm-l flashlight Powertac e5 reviewCheck Price

It has a switch that is easy to locate on its surface for powering on and off. It has 5 brightness levels firefly, high, medium, low and strobe which is adjusted by twisting the head slightly.

If you are looking for a tactical 18650 flashlight then this is the best to buy.

Nitecore P12GT 1000 Lumen Flashlight

The Nitecore brand is known for its unique and high-performance flashlights. Every year, they come up with new or improve their products to meet the ever-rising demands of customers. For instance, the Nitecore P12GT has undergone an upgrade to provide a flashlight that covers a longer distance than its predecessor. The latest P12GT version covers 350 yards while the former covered only 254 yards. Still, the latest model has maintained all the exceptional features but also changed its Cree XM-L2 to Cree XP-L LED, which is superior.

Apart from the few changes made, the P12GT is still one of the best EDC flashlights and it is very bright. It produces a maximum of 1000 Lumens and comes with 4 light levels and 3 special light modes. Together, they make up a versatile flashlight that can be used in the wild, at home, or in work sites. In addition, the flashlight is very easy to use with its tactical tail cap switch and a firm grip that can be held even in wet or sweaty conditions.
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  • It is compact in design and easy to store
  • It is durably made to last long
  • It has an excellent runtime of 520 hours on one 18650 battery
  • Produces very bright light
  • It is weatherproof and impact-resistant
  • It is versatile with multiple light settings


  • None

Fenix TK16 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Powered by either 1x 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries, the Fenix TK16 can provide you with a maximum runtime of 150 hours. The TK16 is very bright and produces a maximum of 1000 Lumens. This is enough to blind an attacker or a stray animal. If you operate in tricky conditions like mines, this is a great flashlight for you. Because it can withstand crashing or even when dropped in water, it will still function perfectly. The dual switch simplifies things for you as you switch it on using the tail cap switch and access the modes via the side switch.

The five light modes the flashlight provides help you perform various tasks like reading a map with low light or using strobe mode to blind an assailant. Additionally, it has special features like the low-voltage battery warning and an intelligent memory function that make using the light to be fun.
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Benefits of the Fenix TK16

  • Provides great illumination
  • It is an all-weather flashlight
  • It is compact and easy to store
  • It is versatile
  • It is very simple to use
  • The flashlight is drop-resistant

Setbacks of the Fenix TK16

  • It drains the battery very quickly
  • It is slightly costly

Klarus Upgraded XT11GT Tactical Flashlight

The Klarus XT11GT is a compact and sturdy flashlight built for tactical use. The body of the flashlight is made of durable aluminum alloy and it has a hard anodized finish. It can defy an impact of up to 1-meter and has a water resistance rating of IPX8. The Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen flashlight uses Cree XHP35 HD E4 LED that is indestructible and very powerful. The light offers users with three light settings which are outdoor setting, tactical setting, and advanced tactical setting. Also, it is easy to use with a tactical tail cap switch and side switch for mode selection.

When the battery is low, the battery level indicator will notify you and you can easily charge the battery by connecting a standard micro USB cable to the direct recharging function on the flashlight. Additional accessories of this light include O-ring, USB charging cable, a lanyard, a rechargeable 18650 battery, mini USB light, and a wall adapter.
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  • It is an extremely bright light
  • It can resist water and impact
  • It is made of durable aluminum construction for longevity
  • Multiple light settings for various uses
  • Battery capacity indicator allows the user to manage the flashlight by adjusting the light modes as per the batter level.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Not the best customer service around

Fenix HL60R Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Are you a construction worker, electrician, technician, angler, hiker, or backpacker? Here is the perfect headlamp for your lighting needs. The Fenix HL60R comes with a great USB recharging system. It also offers two battery options which are either 1x 18650 rechargeable lithium battery or 2x CR12A batteries. I will choose the former because of its runtime and performance. Whether you use it in the rain or on top of the mountain, this headlamp will still provide you with sufficient lighting and it will defy tough conditions like rain or dropping.

The Fenix HL60R uses Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LED that is unbreakable and produces a maximum of 950 Lumens. To use this flashlight, simply turn it on using the side switch and use the red light or cycle through the five light levels.
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Benefits of the HL60R Headlamp

  • It is sturdily made for tough conditions
  • It is both weatherproof and drop-resistant
  • Provides extremely bright light
  • It is very convenient and easy to use with the dual light
  • It is easy to charge

Setbacks of the Fenix HL60R headlamp

  • It is a bit heavy on the head if used for over a long period of time
  • It drains the battery quickly

Klarus XT12 Review – Custom battery type 18650 Flashlight:

Klaus has a rugged look that indicates its mechanical strength. It is equally powerful, illuminating light of 1600 lumens. It is powered by a 18650 battery that is tailor made specifically for this Klarus XT12; two CR123A batteries are also compatible. It comes complete with a magnetic charger that can locate the standard USB port on the device. It is a tactical flashlight therefore resistant to scratches and reliable for emergency situations.
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It has a waterproof rating of IPX8 which means it can still work properly even when it is immersed 2m under water. Without batteries, it weighs 152g only. You can also check the newer version klarus xt12gt.

Best 18650 batteries for flashlights

If you already have a flashlight and now want to replace your battery then check our below list. We have listed here the best 18650 batteries for flashlights. We have selected these two batteries according to their performance, rechargeable-ability, quality and lasting.
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There is actually no reason why you should not buy the best 18650 flashlight. You should be able to find a flashlight with the features and functions that work for you at a good price.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best 18650 flashlight. You can comment below for more information.

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  1. Fenix is a trust-able brand. They are making high quality flashlight. Here, you are suggesting fenix flashlight as a first choice. Thus, I purchased Fenix PD35 TAC last month. And, i just want to thank you that it is working great for me. Although, price is little bit high but I am very happy what i get.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Fenix price is a little bit high, it’s true. And, Most of the people always look cheap flashlight and compromise with quality. You bought quality flashlight and thus you are getting quality service.


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