Are Car Air Fresheners Bad for You?

Car owners usually want to keep their cars clean and smelling fresh all the time. This is because they spend most of the time in it and wouldn’t want to smell strange smells or see dirty patches inside the car. I know most of the motorist ask themselves, is the car air freshener healthy for me? Yes, you’re right! Just like home air fresheners, car air fresheners are not an exception. If you use car air fresheners with dangerous ingredients, these may bring you various health hazards.

In this article, you will find out more about whether the car air freshener that you’re using is good or bad for your health.

Car air fresheners have health hazards

Car air fresheners usually smell good and improve the atmosphere in the car. Due to this fact, people usually overlook its side effects. A research by the Natural Resource Defense Council states that genetic disorders are among the hidden side effects of products such as air fresheners. This is hugely caused by the harmful chemicals that these products are utilizing.

Apart from genetic disorders, other conditions that are linked to air fresheners include: allergic reactions, headache, cancer, weak immune system, chest pains, dizziness, breathing problems and many more. These signs take place as a result of unknown poisoning effects of various chemical ingredients of different products. Some of the harmful chemicals contained in air fresheners include: dichlorobenzene, phthalates, formaldehyde and allergens. All of these are very harmful to the human body and can lead to various ailments.

For instance, synthetic fragrances like benzene and aldehydes are known carcinogens which can lead to cancer. While the Phthalates cam harm your hormones which bring about genetic disorders like birth defects. Hence, if you are a parent and always have kids in your car, or if you’re a pregnant woman, you should think twice before you use the slowly killing air fresheners.

Car air fresheners affect the body

Being exposed to life-threatening chemicals of your car air fresheners are said to gather inside the fatty tissues over a long period of time. This implies that the greater these chemicals are kept in your body, the higher the risk you will face. In addition, the accumulated toxins will make it difficult for you to lose the extra bulges of fat, because the body will attempt to resist towards shedding them.

The effect of these chemicals can be got while you are inside the vehicle, as you get to inhale them. So, even if you are not consuming the chemicals directly, they enter your body through inhaling them. The number one risk that you get when they get into your body is having lung compilations.

Bottom line

From the above info, it is clear that car air fresheners are not good for your health, especially if you have kids. Also, pregnant women should not use air fresheners in their car as it can bring complications and cause birth defects. But if you have herbal product that you can use as an air freshener, then you’re better off with it. Because, natural ingredient product don’t have much impact on health. You can check here the best air freshener with natural ingredient. In short air fresheners can kill you slowly by inhaling the harmful ingredients that they come with. If possible, clean your car and open the windows for enough fresh air instead of using air fresheners.

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Christopher Joseph
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